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Hana Salihović, The Young Genious of BiH Opera

Hana Salihović is a young opera soloist from Sarajevo. Two years ago, she received her master's…

Adriatic Metals BiH officially opened the Rupice Mine: Revival of Vareš

The company Adriatic Metals from Great Britain officially opened the Rupice Mine at Tisovci near Vareš…

Let us help you find your canine soulmate

Dogs are great, aren’t they? Fun, cheerful, playful, loyal… Although this may sound redundant, keep in…

New permanent exhibition in the National Museum: Amphibians and reptiles of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amphibians and reptiles are often overlooked heroes of our natural heritage. They fascinate us with their…

Elvedina Muzaferija: I hope to make Bosnians and Herzegovinians happy many more times

Elvedina Muzaferija wrote her name in golden letters in the history of BiH sports. Our best…






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