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Sarajevo Business Forum: Strengthening the state brand can bring new investments

On May 11 and 12, the BiH capital will host the largest business and investment conference in the region, the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF), which will present a number of investment projects and...

When the heart chooses, Bjela

Known mostly for the Winter Olympics held in 1984, Bjelasnica is considered to be one of the favorite destinations for winter sports fans. Geographically located in the center of the region, it is visited...

Creating conditions for tourism excellence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The largest quarterly promotional campaign for the tourist potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been launched on the world's largest and most famous travel platform, TripAdvisor. There are many conditions that precede the achievement...

The most successful season in the history of Jahorina

The director of the Jahorina Olympic Center, Dejan Ljevnaić, assessed that this year's ski season is the most successful one in the history of Jahorina, which is the driver of the economy of this...

Creating conditions for excellence in tourism in BiH

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a tourist destination with exceptional natural beauty, cultural and historical values ​​and favorable climatic conditions. It is also one of the few European countries that can boast of centuries of...

COLUMN: Human development

The phenomenon of economic development is certainly one of the fundamental tendencies in civilizational history, which has been crucial for the survival and continued prosperity of the human species. Each of its movements is...

COLUMN: Algorithm for change in the public sector

The functioning of the public sector is a chronic problem for all countries that have undergone or are still undergoing the transition process, so that everything that is detected as contentious and negative in...

Suad Ećo, CEO of Ećo Company: Inside has become a recognized brand in BiH and...

We talked with the CEO of Ećo Company, Suad Ećo, about the design of Inside furniture, which attracts clients in BiH and European countries, then about the team of experts behind this brand, as...

Sanjin Arifagić, the first man of the project “Diaspora Invest”: In two years, our...

BH diaspora has numerous names proven in different areas, and we would like to share our experiences with BH investors through USAID's "Diaspora Invest" project. More and more of those decide to take this...

The first deluxe aparthotel in Sarajevo: Bosmal Arjaan by Rotana starts working in July

Rotana, one of the leading hotel companies in the region, with hotels around the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Turkey, announced the opening of the Bosmal Arjaan by Rotana, the first hotel in...
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