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Majestic Prenj

A journalist and a passionate mountaineer Zehrudin Isaković published the book "Veličanstveni Prenj", which is essential reading for anyone who would like to get to know this mountain in a more detail way. This is already the third book about BiH mountains, and he told Visit BiH Magazine that it was a "hybrid" version, where…

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Luxury on Mount Igman: Hotel Monti, Ideal for a holiday on any occasion

The mountains have always been the best refuge for escaping the city crowd, polluted air and fast-paced life. Mountains have become especially visited in the last two years, citizens use every opportunity to get away from the closed space and unhealthy environment. Thus, citizens increasingly decide to spend their holidays on one of the mountains in…

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Treskavica, a mountain of enchanting beauty

There are as many springs in Treskavica as there are days in the year. So says the legend. Such a vast and wild mountain is difficult to explore, so this legend will certainly remain just a legend for now. However, all those who enjoy nature and mountains, and have not visited this beauty before, must…

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The most beautiful view of the Neretva canyon

Čvrsnica mountain lies between the Neretva canyon in the east, Dugo Field in the west, Doljanka in the north and Drežanka in the south. The highest peak, Pločno, 2,228 meters above sea level. Čvrsnica consists of a set of several plateaus and ridges, which are separated by deep valleys of the Neretva's tributaries. Plateaus of Plasa…

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Hotel Monti, ideal for a holiday at any occasion

Olympic Mountain Igman is one of the most visited mountains in the vicinity of Sarajevo. Due to the large amount of ozone, Igman is an air spa and visitors, except in the winter when they come to enjoy the snow and winter sports, often find refreshment from the city crowds and heat on this mountain. From…

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Hot Summer on Jahorina

The beginning of the summer tourist season on the Olympic Mountain Jahorina is scheduled for July 1, when the spectacular festival "Jahorina HOT 2022" will be opened. The festival will include three conceptually different, but compatible units - hedonism, vacation, tourism. In this way, Jahorina will offer its guests three reasons to visit the Olympic…

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Lokvanjsko Lake: The hidden gem of Bjelasnica

This true gem of nature, which adorns the very heart of the mountain Bjelasnica, is located at 1,760 meters above the sea level. The lake is hidden in a deep bay on the west side of the Mala Vlahinja peak. It is elliptical in shape, 100 meters long, 60 meters wide and two meters deep. It…

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