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Sarajevo International Airport: New premium business class lounge on the second floor of Terminal B

The new business class lounge, which provides a special premium service when staying at Sarajevo International Airport, is available to passengers from 7 May 2024. The salon is located on the second floor of Terminal B and occupies nearly 400 square meters of space, with a capacity of 85 seats.

It consists of four main and three additional zones – a bar/service zone, a dining zone with a counter, a rest zone and a work zone. Additional zones are a room for performing prayers, a room for holding business meetings and a studio-apartment, as well as a toilet and separate shower rooms.

The furnishing of the Premium lounge was entrusted to the expert team of the Inside furniture company, which, by carefully choosing selected materials and details, fully justified our expectations, it was announced from Sarajevo International Airport.

A stay in the Premium lounge provides travelers with a special atmosphere designed in accordance with industry standards in the aforementioned domain, as well as the expectations and specific requirements of travelers who use the services of business lounges when traveling and staying at airports.

All users of the lounge will have an exceptional catering offer available, which includes cold and hot dishes of domestic and international cuisine, a wide selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, as well as hot drinks, along with an excellent dessert program.

The calm and relaxing atmosphere, along with the ambient lighting, is completed by the view that stretches along the entire length of the lounge towards the terrace with a view of the Sarajevo Airport runway. Passengers are also allowed to go out to the terrace, where the consumption of tobacco products is allowed.

Studio-apartment users are guaranteed complete privacy, with the possibility of using a private bathroom.

The price of the service for using the business class Premium lounge:

 -The price for walk-in users is 100 KM + VAT

 -Studio apartment (on special request) capacity 7 people – 500 KM + VAT

– Conference room for meetings (on special request) capacity of 7 people – 400 KM + VAT

An additional benefit is also available – for the next three months, a 40 percent discount for Premium salon users! The promotional price for walk-in users with included discount is 60 KM + VAT.

Enjoy the premium offer of the Premium business class lounge at Sarajevo International Airport!

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