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Summer Season

Discover the magic of summer with the new swimwear collection

This season, Alma Ras presents a collection of swimwear that takes your breath away and wins the hearts of all sun and sea lovers. Whether you like classic style, want to shine in tropical patterns or are looking for something to support your activities on the water, Alma Ras has something for everyone. …

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Blagaj, the tourist pearl of Herzegovina

No story about tourism and the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina would be complete without mentioning Blagaj. This oasis of peace and natural harmony is located three kilometers from Mostar Airport. The first indirect written sources about the cities of Zahumlje, including Blagaj, come from the "Writings about Nations" of the Byzantine emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus,…

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Jajce will be a center of the summer tourism

Museum under the open sky and a Royal City are synonyms that Jajce proudly and rightly carries.  The beauty of this Middle Bosnia town leaves no one indifferent. It is placed at the mouth of Pliva and Vrbas rivers and it is well known for its lakes, waterfall, water mills, national monuments... Jajce was the capital…

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Cycling tourism can give an additional boost to Herzegovinian tourism

Herzegovina has huge potentials for cycling tourism and in the past ten years many associations, institutions and individuals are working hard to use this potential and make Herzegovina a top destination for lovers of recreational and professional cycling. According to the president of the "Herzegovina Bike" association, Toni Zorić, the idea is to arrange cycling in…

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