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Let us help you find your canine soulmate

Dogs are great, aren’t they? Fun, cheerful, playful, loyal… Although this may sound redundant, keep in mind that a dog is not a toy you can play with when you wish and then put it back in the box until the next time. A dog is a sensitive and intelligent being that needs a happy…

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COLUMN: Lower back pain

Sedentary lifestyle greatly contributes to appearance of lumbar lordosis. Jobs requiring sitting most of the working hours, in the long run, prevent the quality of the body functioning as a whole, and some problems begin to appear during the lifetime. All jobs requiring eight hours of sitting, without conscious and organized intervention and prevention, may…

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COLUMN: The sedentary lifestyle and its harmfulness

Long-term seating often causes difficulties, and today it has become a global problem, as technology development has reduced the need for movement, while business deadlines are shorter. Many of today's health problems stem from inactive way of life and sedentary lifestyle. The human organism is not designed for long-term retention in one position. Regardless of whether…

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OPINION: Dental tourism as a perspective

Namik Čolaković The arrival of diaspora in the summer months to Bosnia and Herzegovina, among other things, intensified their contacts with domestic dental practices, as prices of dental services are significantly lower than those in the countries from which they come from, and they are not qualitatively lagging behind. The relationship between quality and price, as…

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