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An unforgettable adrenaline adventure at Bjelašnica: Where the asphalt ends, fun begins

Bosnia and Herzegovina – the cultural center and the meeting point of the east and the west, all in the heart-shaped borders, as described by the British Standard, also has many natural beauties in its interior that attract the attention of tourists from all over the world.
Particularly interesting are inaccessible parts that offer untouched nature, a glittering green sun-drenched panorama, filled with the most beautiful flower carpets, hidden among the mountain peaks, the scent that makes the fairytale before you real! The team of our Magazine witnessed one such scenery at the Olympic beauty Bjelašnica.

Plenty emotions

Led by the team of “Meet Bosnia”, headed by Armin Durmišević, we wended to an unforgettable adventure by UTV and ATV vehicles. Our starting point was Babin Do, on steep and unsettled trails, towards Lukomir, the village at the highest altitude in BiH.
We discovered the undiscovered, BiH we have never seen before! We have recorded with cameras scenes that evoke admiration for those who are looking for adrenaline in combination with pleasure!

– Bosnia and Herzegovina is hiding many undiscovered beauties, and what we have shown to you is just a small part of that story. Love of nature, a desire to present myself to the world, with love for UTV and ATV vehicles, inspired me to make the story which I symbolically named “Meet Bosnia”, four or maybe five years ago – says our host Durmišević.

He has turned a hobby to a business and promotion of the homeland. Many world travelers recognized and tried out his idea, and Bosnians and Herzegovinians who, he says through laughter, are delighted with what is in front of and around them, always say the same sentence: “Now I can die!”

– Reactions are always the same, ardor with plenty emotions. Our people experience an indescribable pride, and that is the reaction we wanted to achieve. That is what gives us strength, desire and will to persevere with our idea. In recent years we had a lot of visits. Groups of people from the east and from the west came to us – from Emirates and Saudi Arabia to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, England, France and even Zanzibar – explains Durmišević.

The team safety is at the highest level. Apart from equipment that implies adequate clothing and safety helmets, insurance for all, there are professionals and guides that leave nothing to the case. They pay close attention to each guest, and their adventure is complemented by stories about the places they visit.

Cheaper than a psychiatrist

-The routes we take are mostly related to Bjelašnica and Igman. We head to Lukomir and descend to Konjic or the Rakitnica river canyon. The furthest we went was Borašnica, Ruište – Mostar. One of the most popular routes is Bjelašnica – Lukomir, Lukomir- Crveni Klanac – Umoljani. This tour is about 60 kilometers in both directions. It does not sound like a lot, but with breaks, socializing, village tours, active time with guides, getting to know the historical details, trying out local products … the tour lasts for several hours, and so far we have not had dissatisfied guests. Most of them are returning or sending their friends, and that’s the only advertisement we have, along with Facebook and Instagram pages – proudly tells Durmišević.

In addition to the UTV and ATV adventures, they offer other adrenaline stories like paragliding, rafting, and during the winter, team of experts, teach children and adults how to ski.

-Where the asphalt ends, the fun begins. We go to the woods, because the forest is cheaper than the psychiatrist – Durmišević sends a message to all of those who are looking for a true adventure that inspires the soul.

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