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Sports Spectacle of the Year: The eighth edition of the Jahorina Ultra Trail is ready

We have before us the eighth edition of the sports spectacle of the year, Jahorina Ultra Trail 2022, which will be held on July 23 and 24 this year. “A meeting point of beauty and challenges” is the motto of this great event, which in 2022 gained an additional dimension, connecting not only trails, slopes, mountains, villages, and cities, but also states.

The organizing team of Jahorina Ultra Trail 2022 went a step further and prepared an unprecedented experience by preparing the ULTRA race, which in this year’s edition will cover 130 kilometers – from the most beautiful parts of Serbia and the Tara National Park to the Olympic Mountain Jahorina – covering many beautiful landscapes and peaks you need to climb during this ULTRA fantastic race.

Full day trip

Professional or recreational runners will, in addition to ULTRA race, can test their abilities on three more – MAXI, MIDI and MINI.

The 70-kilometer MAXI race starts in the town of Rogatica and leads all the way to the top of Jahorina, where the race ends.

The MIDI race, 27 kilometers long, starts in front of the Rajska Dolina Hotel on the Jahorina Mountain, from where the runners climb to the very top of it.

The 10-kilometer-long MINI race starts and ends at the highest point of Jahorina, in front of the Olympic Bar at the top of the Poljice track.

Jahorina Business Trail is one of the novelties of this year’s, eight edition of Jahorina Ultra Trail 2022, but also the perfect choice for all companies that have employees in their team who love nature, running outdoors, or even walking in that environment.

Thus, in a really great opus of races, JAHORINA BUSINESS TRAIL is a 10-kilometer relay race, intended for teams made up of two members of companies, which can be males only, females only, or combined. This incredible race begins and ends at the highest point of Jahorina from 1916 meters above the sea level, with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

Whether you are a lover of nature and an active lifestyle, an experienced trail runner and enthusiast, or simply want to organize a day trip in nature with family members, we are sure you will find a race for yourself.

Professional equipment

Participation in races means the use of professional equipment, and the great news is that all starter packs of MINI race participants, with Early Bird registration, will include a Compressport brand T-shirt, or sports compression T-shirts.

Participants in the remaining three races, namely ULTRA, MAXI and MIDI, will receive Compressport T-shirts in their starter packs if they come before other participants – starter packs will be distributed until stocks are emptied.

All Jahorina Ultra Trail races have been verified and carry qualification points for the World Cup in trail running, as well as ITRA points, and the Jahorina Ultra Trail event itself has officially received the status of qualifying race for UTMB®, one of the world’s largest trail running events.

ULTRA, MAXI and MIDI races received qualifying status in the 100K, 50K and 20K categories, and by participating in one of them, runners gain privileged access to UTMB® World Series races. Choose your dose of adrenaline and sign up on the official website