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Important telephone numbers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Country code +387 Information Center 121 Police 122 Fire Department 123 Ambulance 124 Road assistance and road conditions 1282 International operator 1201 International telephone information 1183 Domestic telephone information 1182 Exact time 125 SOS telephone 1209 General emergency 112 Telephone number directory 1182,…

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Population in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Official languages ​​of Bosnia and Herzegovina are Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian. According to the 1991 census, Bosnia and Herzegovina had 40 percent of Muslims, 31 percent of Orthodox Christians, 15 percent Catholics, and 14 percent of other religions. The census was conducted in the period from October 1 to October 15, 2013, with a reference date…

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History of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the first centuries AD, the area of ​​today's Bosnia and Herzegovina was part of the Roman Empire. It was mostly inhabited by the Illyrians. After the fall of the empire, Byzantine Empire, and the Western heirs of Rome claimed Bosnia. The Slavs settled here in the 7th century, finding in these areas parts of…

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Geographical Features

Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two geographic and historic parts: the Bosnian part in the north (about 40,000 km2) and the smaller Herzegovina in the south. Bosnia is mostly mountainous country, and the same applies to Herzegovina, with different characteristics of the soil. On the north, a mountainous area slopes down to the hilly area of…

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BH Economy

Alongside Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina was the poorest republic in Yugoslavia. Agriculture was largely in private hands, but the estates were small and unprofitable, while the food was mostly imported. Even today, the consequences of central planning of the economy are visible, and the main trouble is too many workers in the industry. During socialism, heavy…

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Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Heart of Europe

Bosnia and Herzegovina (abbreviation BiH) is the state in the southeastern part of Europe, located in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. From the north, west, and southwest it borders with Croatia and from the east with Serbia, while in the southeast borders with Montenegro. Capital and the biggest city of the country is Sarajevo. It…

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