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Kravica Waterfall: Oasis in stone

The Kravica Waterfall is located not far from Ljubuški, in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Only when you visit this natural phenomenon will you understand why many compare it to the Niagara Falls, because its beauty is breathtaking and it really looks like a postcard. With its beauty, the waterfall attracts tourists from all…

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The smell of spring in Travnik

It started from here, from the Old Town. In the powerful medieval Bosnian kingdom. The town spreads out like the most colorful carpet under its dizzying slopes and solid ramparts. A high bridge connects it over the timid Hendek, which appears abundantly in the spring and dries up suddenly in the first days of summer.…

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Nišići Plateau with Ethno house

The Nišić Plateau is located 35 kilometers from Sarajevo on the way to Tuzla. The older name is the Crnoriječka Plateau (Black River – Crna rijeka), after the river that flows through this area, at about 1,000 meters above sea level. It is characterized by clean air and beautiful vastness. Known for the cultivation of…

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Samer Dolovac: Vlašić is ready for the new ski season

Vlašić does not have a ski resort like Jahorina or Bjelašnica, but this mountain is extremely popular among skiers from BiH and the region. Every winter, thousands and thousands of skiers and snowboarders come to Vlašić, as well as those who simply want to enjoy the clean mountain air or spend the weekend with family…

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17,000 tourists visited Vjetrenica Cave

The Vjetrenica Cave, as one of the longest and most attractive cave systems in BiH and the region, rounds off the year 2023 with record attendance. Davor Baković, acting director of the Public Company Vjetrenica, told Visit BiH Magazine that they are extremely satisfied with the number of visitors, both in the Protected Landscape of…

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Stipe Pleić – Viking of Duvno

Stipe Pleić welcomes us in a Viking house in the village of Stipanići near Tomislavgrad. He sits on a wooden throne dressed in a Viking suit and welcomes us. Just entering the house takes you far back in time, among the people who lived in Scandinavia many centuries ago. Everything is in that spirit -…

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On the Konjuh Mountain near Kladnje: Spring of “Bosnian Viagra”

By: Tarik Dreca An anecdote from my childhood ties me to the Muška voda in Kladanj, because of which I always wanted to visit that place, which came to be this year, after the reopening of the reconstructed hotel and complex with picnic area and sports fields located next to it. As a 6–7-year-old boy,…

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