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Let us help you find your canine soulmate

Dogs are great, aren’t they?! Fun, cheerful, playful, loyal… However, although this may sound redundant, keep in mind that a dog is not a toy that you can play with when you wish and then put back in the box until next time.
A dog is a sensitive and intelligent being that needs a happy home and an owner who will take good and responsible care of it for his entire life.

Surely, a dog is not like a child who will grow up, become independent and leave the nest. A dog will require your full care until the end of his life which can be 7, 10, 15, or even more years.

When you bring a new dog into your home, it is important to be patient as he will need time to adjust and get used to his new environment. It is very important that you seek professional advice on training and establishing a consistent routine for your furry best friend, as your proper approach and consistency will determine what kind of relationship you will develop and how harmonious your relationship will be.

If you are still interested, we advise to give a chance to rehoming and making happy one abandoned, rescued friend who will give you all his gratitude and his heart forever!

Most of the dogs who are homeless are mixed breeds, and here are just some of their advantages:

-They are adaptable to different environments.
-They are intelligent because they are taught by the instinct of survival and taking care of their own needs, such as finding food and shelter, and avoiding “trouble”.
-They are very eager for your attention because that is what they are often denied on the street.
-Everyone who has adopted a rescued mixed breed will confirm that these dogs are immensely grateful for everything and that they reciprocate with unconditional affection and loyalty.
-As multi-breed mixes, these dogs generally do not carry the health risks of some purebreds, which means that they will be healthier and that you will have much lower veterinary costs.
-Each mut is completely unique, just like each of us! He has a unique character and appearance, as well as a “personality”, which makes it easier for us to choose a suitable “dog persona” with whom we will get along great.
-There is a very large selection of such dogs and thus an opportunity to find just the right match between our character and their special traits.
-Contrary to the common misconception that purebred dogs are easier to train, it is a proven truth that most mixed breed pets can’t wait to do what you tell them for a treat, thus they learn any commands and tricks you ask of them very quickly.

So, have you decided to give a chance to sweet mut who cannot wait to go home with you a chance? Then you are in luck because Dogs Trust can help you from beginning to the end in this process!

-Dogs Trust will cover all initial rehoming costs!
-Instead of getting a dog based only on appearance and first impression, and without knowing about his needs and character, with our professional help, you will find a pet that will fit best into your lifestyle and with whom you will simply “click”!
-You will avoid the possibility of misjudging the dog and soon realising that you cannot take care of him properly, thus creating the stress that such a situation can cause for both you and the dog, which unfortunately can end in the dog’s abandonment.
-Your new pet will be assessed and matched to your capabilities, lifestyle, character and wishes.
-He will come to you clean and bathed, cleaned and protected from all parasites, vaccinated against infectious diseases and rabies, neuterd and initially trained for the life of the pet.
-You will receive a Dogs Trust “starter pack” with lots of useful dog supplies.
-You will receive advisory support during the period of adaptation of the dog to your home.
-You will save the life of an abandoned dog and receive his unconditional love and gratitude.
-You will contribute to the community to solve the problem of abandoned dogs humanely.
-You will prevent a wonderful, loving dog from being exposed to bad experiences and the dangers of street life, as well as from him becoming a risk to the community due to bad experiences or cruel living conditions.

Would you like to help us find a happy home for as many rescued dogs as possible through the detailed matching process? Become our Fostering Volunteer!

If you love dogs and have the conditions to take care of one for a short period of time while we are looking for the owner for his life, contact us, maybe the opportunity to become our Fostering Volunteer/temporary owner is the right thing for you!

Please see more information, a short video about this programme as well as photos of happily rehomed dogs at, or write to us at [email protected] with your contact information and we will do our best to answer any additional questions!

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