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Emerald Beauty: Una River, one and only

The Una River is an eternal inspiration and an endless source of poets. She is an inspiration of painters and a passion of anglers and boaters who love her waterfalls and rapids. Una lives...

Hidden between the mountain ranges of Čabulja and Čvrsnica: Drežanka Canyon hides incredible beauty

The Drežanka River Canyon is located in the Blidinje Nature Park, stretching between the high mountain ranges of Čabulja on the south and Čvrsnica on the north. Due to the completely preserved purity of...

Plava voda in Travnik is a true attraction: Austrian prince paid for coffee with...

One of the most famous tourist attractions of Travnik is certainly Plava Voda Spring. It is located in the settlement Šumeće, where it springs, flows along the stream Hendek into the river Lašva. During ...

Šujica – the most curved river in the world

The most curved river in the world flows through the Duvno Field (Duvanjsko Polje). At least the great BH travel writer, Zuko Džumhur, saw and described it when he was passing from Travnik to...

Waterfalls of the River Kozica, a place where the most beautiful road starts and...

Due to richness of its natural beauty, Fojnica should be written in larger letters on all tourist maps and a more frequent destination of nature, recreation, hiking, hunting, fishing lovers ... In this Central...

Breathtaking beauty: The most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is widely known for its clean and pristine waters. In the high mountains, the rivers spring and feed on mountain streams, then they pave their way through the canyons to the...

Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming a superpower in fly-fishing

One of the oldest fishermen in our country is a 66-year-old Nazif Suzi Fetahović from Travnik. He started fishing when he was just a little boy, and bit by bit he involved in sport...

Cruising the Drina canyon: More than 30 kilometers of total peace and wilderness

River Drina is considered one of the most beautiful in the region. In the past, it was famous for its scarce nature and rafters that were taming its rapids. Due to its curving course,...

Skakavac: Spectacular view from 98 meters high waterfall

Skakavac waterfall is located 12 kilometres from Sarajevo, in southwest part of Ozren Mountain, southeast of the Bukovik peak, 1.532 metres above the sea level. A nature lover who visited this place last month faced...

Sava River hides precious past od Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thousands of years ago, during the Ice Age, animals like the woolly mammoth, steppe bison, woolly rhinoceros, the huge deer, and many other extinct species whose specimens can now be seen only in museums...
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