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Amel Duranović designed the application “Kviz BiH”

Master of Communication Amel Duranović designed the application "Kviz BIH" (Quiz B&H), the first project of its kind in our country. Its goal is to awaken interests of children and youth in B&H, and especially diaspora for constant learning about the motherland, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project offers young people, as well as other age groups…

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BH tourism needs innovations

Namik Colakovic Innovation is considered to be a way to increase the comparative advantage and to influence the growth of a business entity or increase profitability. The focus of innovation is creative thinking and inventiveness. This is especially important in the field of tourism, where permanent adaptation and innovation of the offer is necessary, as tourists…

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Telephone numbers of all taxi companies in one application

One of the biggest challenges when traveling to another country or city where you have never been to is finding a reliable taxi and driver who will, especially when you are a foreigner, take you to the desired destination at the standard cost of transportation. Therefore, the software company Klika from Sarajevo has designed the application…

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Mostar: Bosnia and Herzegovina will soon get another formula

Two years ago, students of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science of Mostar University made the first BH formula within the framework of the project "Formula Student" for the biggest European competition in the field of motor sports and student innovation, with which they presented themselves at the competition in the Czech Republic as…

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