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Hana Salihović, The Young Genious of BiH Opera

Hana Salihović is a young opera soloist from Sarajevo. Two years ago, she received her master's degree at the Department of Solo Singing at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo in the class of Professor Vedrana Šimić. During her studies, she performed solo in the Opera at the National Theatre in Sarajevo. - I love…

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Adriatic Metals BiH officially opened the Rupice Mine: Revival of Vareš

The company Adriatic Metals from Great Britain officially opened the Rupice Mine at Tisovci near Vareš at the beginning of March. Zinc, silver, and lead ores will be mined here, and the investment is worth 450 million convertible marks. As emphasized during the opening ceremony, this largest investment in BiH since independence represents a turning…

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Let us help you find your canine soulmate

Dogs are great, aren’t they? Fun, cheerful, playful, loyal… Although this may sound redundant, keep in mind that a dog is not a toy you can play with when you wish and then put it back in the box until the next time. A dog is a sensitive and intelligent being that needs a happy…

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The golden coin cake takes you back to Jajce’s past

The "Gingerbread Coin" souvenir is a product of the confectionery Granny Kate's from Jajce, owned by Josipa Kulenović. According to first impressions, this cake is an absolute hit among tourists and visitors. Everyone who has already tried this candy agrees that this is a new experience. Josipa said for Visit BiH Magazine that she loves…

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Konjic, Prozor-Rama and Mostar got 26 new businesses

The fair of new businesses "LiNKed to support businesses", where 26 new entrepreneurs from the area of Konjic, Mostar and Prozor-Rama presented their products and services, was held as part of the Konjic Day celebration. The fair was held with the aim of promoting new businesses established within the "LiNK4StartUps" project, which is implemented by…

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Museum of the II session of AVNOJ in Jajce

The public institution Museum of the Second Session of the Anti-Fascist Council of People's Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ) in Jajce has additionally restored the pre-war collection of drawings by Božidar Jakac and now it has more than 300 works. This was confirmed by Elvedin Imamović, director of the Museum, in an interview for Visit BiH…

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Carefree Internet communication abroad without unwanted costs

For carefree communication abroad, whether it's a business trip, a short weekend getaway or an annual vacation, ERONET has a simple solution - Internet roaming options. The options offer affordable surfing in almost 40 countries in Europe and the world, they are very easy to activate, and during the promotional period from June 5 to August…

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