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Woodworking in Konjic: The “Braća Nikšić” furniture recognized by UNESCO

Pieces of walnut tree, ash and cherry, after processing in their workshops, become art works. The tradition of woodworking in the Nikšić family from Konjic dates back to the 19th century, but Gano Nikšić, the great-grandfather of today's owner Armin Nikšić, officially opened a woodcarving shop in 1920. His son Adem inherited family tradition, then Mukelef,…

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Hamo Račić, organizer of the work of travel health insurance and assistance in Sarajevo Insurance: Travel carelessly, Sarajevo Insurance cares for your 

The holiday season is approaching, the time when people travel most often. On these journeys, there are unplanned situations that citizens are prepared for, but when they go on vacation or some other trip, they often forget. In these cases, we are mostly talking about injuries or other illnesses. When in another country, going to a…

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COLUMN: Country of well-being

Namik Čolaković The concept of man's well-being implies his own sense of convenience, comfort, commodity and everything that makes him happy and gives him pleasure. A society in which happy people live is called a welfare society, and some of its key objectives are the provision of food, housing and work. When such a society is…

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Edin Hozan, Mayor of the Jajce Municipality: Numerous successful projects are behind us, this year I continue more intensely

The Municipality of Jajce implemented a number of projects last year with the goals of further development of this municipality. What marked last year is certainly the reconstruction of local roads, the opening of hundreds of jobs and the continuation of infrastructure construction. The head of the Jajce Municipality, Edin Hozan, emphasized that special attention was…

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COLUMN: The economy of the future is knowledge-based

Namik Čolaković The latest review of migration suggests that the departure of people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also from the entire region, had a galloping trend. Fascinating data on the departure of highly educated staff, leaving the existing job due to dissatisfaction with the position, rewarding and impossibility of promotion, and more often because they…

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American beast on the Bosnian Mountains

The mountains surrounding the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina are a real benefit for the citizens of Sarajevo, especially during the winter period when the air is polluted, and the sun's rays are rare in the city below Trebević Mountain. Therefore, Sarajevans "escapes" to the surrounding mountains with every indication of sunshine and enjoy the…

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California Dream by U.S. Polo Assn.!

Taking inspiration from the pleasant breezes of the hot deserts of California’s natural style, the brand new U.S. Polo Assn. Spring-Summer 2019 collection is ready to be discovered! Lingering over tropical reflections when passing through cactus gardens, USPA invites all adventurers who wish to enjoy an unusual journeys to make their dream come true. U.S. Polo…

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