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Hamo Račić, organizer of the work of travel health insurance and assistance in Sarajevo Insurance: Travel carelessly, Sarajevo Insurance cares for your 

The holiday season is approaching, the time when people travel most often. On these journeys, there are unplanned situations that citizens are prepared for, but when they go on vacation or some other trip, they often forget. In these cases, we are mostly talking about injuries or other illnesses.

When in another country, going to a doctor can cost you more than you think, especially if you do not have travel and health insurance. How to avoid additional costs, travel safely, and some other issues we discussed with Hamo Račić, the organizer of the work of travel health insurance and assistance in Sarajevo Insurance, the largest insurance company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Can you tell us what packages of passenger and health insurance Sarajevo Insurance offers?

-Sarajevo Insurance has a wide range of travel health insurance packages that are created according to the needs of our clients. For the upcoming season, we especially recommend affordable family packages. With a family insurance, children make a 50 percent discount. In addition to the primary travel health insurance, we also offer luggage insurance, accident insurance, personal travel insurance, and cancellation of travel. I would like to note that Sarajevo-based insurance provides its clients with auto assistance with every passenger and health insurance policy, which involves towing of vehicles due to a malfunction or a traffic accident to the nearest service center or reparation of a fault that can be solved on-site.

It often happens that BiH citizens get injured or sick for various reasons during the travel. What can Sarajevo Insurance offer to them when it comes to this?

– Health insurance we offer provides quality insurance coverage, assistance available 24/7, and will take care of the insured person in the best possible way.

If the family purchases travel insurance in Sarajevo Insurance and during travel, some of the members need health services in another country, whether they are treated free of charge or pay treatment costs and claim money from Sarajevo Insurance after that trip?

-When a serious health problem arises, and the insured person needs to be hospitalized, we contact the hospital and guarantee to take over the costs of treatment and pay the costs that arise, directly to the healthcare institution. Costs of transportation to the health institution are covered, as well as all medicines that are issued with medical prescription. If the insured person pays for certain costs, Sarajevo Insurance will flexibly resolve the claim request in the fastest possible time and refund the paid amount.

How much did Sarajevo Insurance pay off last year, following the claims on this basis and how long does it take before customers reimburses the costs?

-Sarajevo insurance has paid over 360,000 convertible marks over the past year for around 600 cases where our clients needed medical assistance abroad. The received claims are refunded, most often, within 48 hours after we receive the documentation.

Are citizens aware of the risk of traveling, given that their apartment or house remains empty, thus becoming an easy target for burglars? How many citizens insure their apartment or house during the travel?

– Since the number of insured persons increases from year to year, we consider that citizens become aware of the risk if they are sick or injured abroad, and that for a relatively small amount they can buy quality health insurance and additional internal peace. However, there are those who say “nothing will happen” or “we will sit in the car and we will be in BiH in no time.” However, there are moments when we cannot, unfortunately, even get to the car. Then there are big complications and very high costs. Sarajevo Insurance has, in its offer, a package “Kišobran sigurnosti”, which provides citizens with insurance of their property against the risks you have listed. We provide insurance for each member of the family, in the event of illness or the occurrence of and injury abroad, apartment or house and things inside from the risk of fire, drainage of water from water supply and sewage pipes, to the total amount of 66,000 up to 102,000 convertible marks, all for a price of 25 convertible mark per trip.

Is there a type of health or travel insurance for foreign tourists coming to BiH in Sarajevo Insurance?

-Of course, in our offer we have options for foreigners who come to BiH, whether it is a tourist stay or where foreigners need health insurance to obtain a residential permit in BiH, students or applicants who are staying for various reasons.

Do you have anything to add, something our readers should know about insurance in general?

Unfortunate cases sometimes cannot be avoided, but they can be amortized with passenger health insurance and other forms of insurances provided by Sarajevo Insurance. The passenger health insurance can be bought online on the website of Sarajevo Insurance,, as well as throughout BiH in our field offices.

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