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American beast on the Bosnian Mountains

The mountains surrounding the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina are a real benefit for the citizens of Sarajevo, especially during the winter period when the air is polluted, and the sun’s rays are rare in the city below Trebević Mountain. Therefore, Sarajevans “escapes” to the surrounding mountains with every indication of sunshine and enjoy the pure air.

This was the case in mid-February. Visit B&H team wanted to use a wonderful, almost a spring day, to go to the mountain and make the cover of this month’s magazine. We visited Igman, Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Trebević and other surrounding mountains countless times, so we wanted to experience a new destination.

Minor issues

By searching through the Internet, we noticed the Ravna Planina near Pale has an excellent reputation, and skiers and other nature lovers talk about it only in superlatives. It was enough for us to visit it.

Grand Automotive Company authorized importers and distributors of the Ford brand, who gave us the fantastic Ford Edge, took care of us, in order to experience the full atmosphere and enjoy to the maximum. Given that this SUV is a novelty in the European market, Grand Automotive wanted to test the Ford Edge in all conditions, and to hear a neutral opinion.

Due to the elegance it radiates, we immediately had some minor issues, because each one of us wanted to drive this beast. We quickly agreed who will drive and slowly set off on the road. The drive through the city captivated the views of the passersby who were delighted to see this beauty, and we were able to overcome the hardships of Sarajevo traffic and traffic lights with an automatic transmission that gives added safety to every driver.

Extremely spacious and well-insulated interior is coated with quality materials and equipped with all the “toys” offered by the cars of this segment. The leather-coated heated and cooled seats offer an enviable level of comfort. Ford also offered analog and digital audio management and air conditioning, which helps ergonomics that increasingly loses battle in all crowded cabins.

Road to Pale gave as an opportunity to drive a little faster, the Ford Edge with unbelievable ease amortized the bad road. A two-liter diesel engine with more than 200 horsepower was doing a great job, so we had the feeling of floating on the clouds.

We quickly arrived at Ravna Planina, and our vehicle stood out in the crowded car park by its elegance and beauty lured. Ravna Planina ski center is truly a modern ski resort that meets the needs of the most demanding skiers. We earlier agreed to a meeting with Veljko Golijanin, the owner of the company Majnex that operates this ski resort, but when he saw the Ford Edge, our meeting fell into the second plan. It did not surprise us at all.

Perfect conditions

After checking out the Ford, we sat in the sunny garden of the restaurant and talked about our idea for the cover of the Visit B&H Magazine. Veljko was thrilled with the idea and everything we needed for photo shooting we had at our disposal.

Considering that we had an ideal location and a beautiful four-wheeler, everything had to be perfect, so we also provided our models with a decent clothes and environment. Fashion house Elegans Ltd. exclusively gave us their spring-summer collection 2019, and the brand U.S. Polo ASSN. perfectly fit the environment and our models. Certainly, in the whole story we should mention Adi Hasić who made sure that our female model had a perfect makeup.

After finishing the shooting, we wanted to make a full use of the wonderful day, so we decided to go to the Olympic Mountain Jahorina and to test our Ford Edge in the hills. Although it is not a classic terrain, we have to admit that our car has fantastically responded to the extremely curvy and bad road that leads to Jahorina. Often appearance of water and snow on the road did not affect the driving, and every straight forward part of the road, with no curves,, even the smallest section, we used to overtake the weaker cars. We must admit that we felt great security, because we knew that Edge would solve it even in the shortest straight section of the road without any problems.

The conditions for driving on Jahorina, as well as drivers, were interchanging. The common conclusion is that Ford has created an excellent SUV, which is equally good for the off-road, the open road, but also the city ride regardless of its dimensions.

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