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Edin Hozan, Mayor of the Jajce Municipality: Numerous successful projects are behind us, this year I continue more intensely

The Municipality of Jajce implemented a number of projects last year with the goals of further development of this municipality. What marked last year is certainly the reconstruction of local roads, the opening of hundreds of jobs and the continuation of infrastructure construction.

The head of the Jajce Municipality, Edin Hozan, emphasized that special attention was paid to the citizens of Jajce since their birth, through growing up, from kindergarten, primary and secondary education, scholarships, employment of faculty educated young people to the incentive to start small businesses and recognize the business ideas of young people , self-employment in agriculture and crafts.

-We entered the co-financing program for the economy. We also launched a program for subsidizing interest rates for first purchase of residential real estate, regardless of age. The construction and opening of the Bingo shopping center is certainly an additional quality because new jobs are open, Hozan said.

He pointed out that through the reconstruction of facilities in the former military barracks Kamenica, which already lightly resembles a small industrial business zone, economic activity has started in two facilities, and the result is more than 20 employees.

-The construction of promenades on the Pliva Lake, which was put into operation in May, is another new, attractive tourist content that attracted a large number of visitors. The feeling is special, because you take a wooden promenade and walk through the lake in a beautiful natural environment – he said.

We will not stop with this, and new investments are under preparation, which is primarily reflected in the water reservoir Resnik. All necessary documentation is ready, and this project should cover a large number of users from Podmilačje to Kuprešani, where we should bring additional water in the next two years.

-This year we want to continue the reconstruction of the street of Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić, all with the intention of decorating the center of our city. There are also programs that we have each year – scholarships, volunteer engagement, self-employment project and employment of young people. We want to support every good and high quality idea and give our youth an opportunity to prove themselves – said Hozan.

When it comes to tourism, whose offer is getting better from year to year, this year it is planned to bring back the “Waterfalls jumping” event. One of the primary goals in this area is the additional arrangement of the shores of Pliva Lake.

– We created conditions and provided funds in the amount of 200,000 convertible marks to arrange the entire shore, all the way to the newly built bridge. There are other ideas in the field of tourism, which would be realized in the most attractive locations. We are considering the possibility of building an adrenaline park – said Hozan.

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