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COLUMN: Code of Ethics in Business

Namik Čolaković Numerous scientists and researchers continually point to the need to define universal moral norms and rules of business conduct that all countries and organizations will be obliged to act upon. This is especially important in the conditions of global connectivity, where great differences in economic, political, cultural, information, ecological, religious and moral context are…

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Banja Luka: 22 tourist events this year

The city of Banja Luka will financially support 22 tourist events this year. The planned events relate to a range of content that can attract tourists from cultural and adrenaline events to the gastronomic festivals. Thus, their place in the calendar of events planned, among other things, found chocolate, wine and beer festivals, as well as…

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COLUMN: Family business

Namik Čolaković In the middle of this year, the results of KfW Bank's research on family businesses in Germany was quite unnoticed by BH media. The key observation is that over the next five years or by 2023, nearly 840,000 small and medium-sized companies in family ownership will face a question or dilemma about who will…

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Šarović: Meat exports to the EU could start mid-2019

Obtaining a permit for export of meat of beef, goats and sheep, or as it is commonly said "red meat", is the last food standard for Bosnia and Herzegovina to reach and thus closes a full circle in fulfilling the plan that we set out at the beginning of this mandate - Minister of Economic…

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BH Company has contracted new jobs in Denmark

The Company Freund Elektronika, launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina by BH investor from diaspora Anel Bektaš, has contracted new jobs in Denmark. Bektaš confirmed that new agreed orders open opportunities for new employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. - Examples of good cooperation, innovation in business, as well as easier access to international markets, confirm that BH…

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In October, the international fair of energy, water and the environment

The fifth edition of the international fair for energy, water and environment RENEXPO BiH will open the doors of the Balkans market in Sarajevo on October 24 and 25. The investment framework and the possibilities for renewable energy and water management infrastructure will be presented by project holders in the Business Library, which will be followed…

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Sanski Most: Hikmet Kurbegović employs people in his hometown

After staying in Switzerland where he gained experience in the real sector, from the first day of his return Hikmet Kurbegović turned to investing and creating jobs in his hometown, Sanski Most. - I returned to Sanski Most, where we estblished ECK, today we have a building with more than 1,000 square meters and a storage…

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