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Blagaj, the tourist pearl of Herzegovina

No story about tourism and the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina would be complete without mentioning Blagaj. This oasis of peace and natural harmony is located three kilometers from Mostar Airport. The first indirect written sources about the cities of Zahumlje, including Blagaj, come from the “Writings about Nations” of the Byzantine emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus, written between 948 and 952, in which two cities are mentioned – Bona and Hum.

Even after the 10th century, Blagaj played a major role in the development of Hum. Its development and importance were influenced by the proximity of an important road that connected the Adriatic Sea with the Bosnian hinterland through the Neretva valley (“via Narenti”). Turbulent political life, especially after the 10th century, did not significantly affect the economic development of its Suburb. Prince Miroslav of Hum resided in Blagaj, during which time the Church of St. Cosme and Damjan was built.

Buna Spring

The greatest attention of visitors is attracted by the spring of the Buna River. There is also a mysterious building – a dervish tekke, which represents a significant cultural monument and a high-ranking cultural heritage from the early Ottoman period.

In the peace of the Tekke courtyard, cooled by the freshness of the fairy-tale like Buna, you understand why Blagaj was the center of interest for prehistoric people, Roman nobles, Ottoman viziers and kadis, Austro-Hungarian officers and many intending travelers eager for spring freshness, the warmth of the sun and the blue sky. For centuries it has been a place of prayer and meditation. With its natural beauty, Blagaj leaves no one indifferent. It is visited by tourists from all over the world, especially from the countries of the region.

It is located in an extraordinarily beautiful natural environment. The spring is placed in a huge stone mass, about 100 meters high. Buna springs, as R. Michel vividly expresses it, “from a huge stone mouth with dark lips” and begins its course “in a luxuriant wide stream whose cold breath is felt far and wide.” On its right bank, a tekke rises, partly under the rock cliff itself.

As written on a stone slab in its courtyard, the tekke was built by dervishes at the beginning of the 15th century. It was built on the site of an older Bogomil sanctuary, about which there is no precise information. The first mention of the tekke in Blagaj can be found in the “Travel Book” of Evliya Çelebi, who traveled through this place in 1664.

He wrote that the Mufti Effendi of Mostar built a tekke of the Halvetian order along the cliffs of the Buna spring, where dervishes hold friendly conversations and scientific discussions. It is the place where, with a special ritual, dervishes performed, and still perform, diqr (glorification of God).

Above tekke is the old town of Herzeg Stjepan Kosača. In May 1404, Blagaj became one of the seats of duke Sandalj Hranić, and then of duke Stjepan Vukčić Kosača, after whom the town was popularly named Stjepan-grad/Stjepan-town.

It was built on a high and difficult-to-access karst hill, above the spring of the Buna River. Archaeological material scattered on the slopes of Blagaj hill testifies to the existence of settlements in the prehistoric and Roman periods.

Villas with swimming pools

On the northeastern peak there are the remains of a Roman or late antique fortification-observatory known as the Small Fort, and on the southeastern peak, the contours of a prehistoric rampart can be discerned. On the southwest peak there are the remains of today’s Stjepan-grad, a medieval, or a city from the Ottoman period.

In addition to the cultural and historical heritage that adorns Blagaj and Herzegovina, there are other contents that you can enjoy. Above all, this means canoeing down the Buna, sport climbing, numerous car camps by the Buna… In recent years, many villas with swimming pools for rent have attracted special attention.

One of these is the luxurious and ultra-modern Villa Vie, which is located near the Buna spring and the Blagaj tekke. Peaceful surroundings and beautiful property guarantee you privacy and peace.

The friendly hosts have made sure that you have at your disposal all the comfort and luxury you need for a more than quality vacation with your friends or family. There are four comfortable bedrooms with bathrooms, several themed rest areas, an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue…

You will enjoy the outdoor pool and beautiful green areas, and if you are the sporty type, there is also equipment for table tennis, basketball, a mini gym… All in all, a perfect place for a perfect vacation.

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