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Rich offer in summer and in winter: The tourist season on Ravna Planina lasts 365 days

Ravna Planina near Pale is a widely known and favorite destination for all skiers. It has inherited its beauty from the Olympic Mountain Jahorina, on whose slopes it is located, and the vastness of untouched forests and meadows, and lungs full of clean air, guarantee an unforgettable experience for all who visit it. For several years, besides winter spells, sports and recreation complex at Ravna Planina has a rich summer offer.

Just over 20 minutes away from Sarajevo and 30 minutes from Sarajevo International Airport, all visitors can enjoy the great atmosphere that will satisfy even the most demanding ones.

Artificial lakes

In addition to the restaurants and facilities where summer props are rented, hiking and biking trails have been made, and somehow the biggest experience is swimming at one of two artificial lakes located at 1,300 meters above sea level. During the wintertime, these lakes are used for snowing the slopes.

The offer also contains a popular water walking balloon and a zip line ride across the lake, nearly 300 meters long. The water in the lakes is from the spring and it is drinkable, and if you are not comfortable swimming in another lake you can enjoy sports and recreational fishing.

To enjoy this spell you can reach the top of Ravna Planina on foot, by hiking trails, or by a gondola, which, while you are taking a silent and peacefull ride, offers beautiful panoramic views. From the peak of Ravna Planina, when the weather is ideal, the Vlašić Mountain can be seen in the distance, as well as the Tornik peak on the Zlatibor Mountain in neighboring Serbia.

If you are an adrenaline fun, Ravna Planina is ideal for cycling. The sports and recreational center has a wide range of bicycles and safety equipment for all ages. More than 20 kilometers of beautifully maintained trails guarantee you to enjoy the ride through the stunning nature that takes you all the way to the Olympic beauty Jahorina.

Terraces with views

When you get tired of walking or biking on Ravna Planina, you can enjoy the beautifully decorated barbecue facilities or enjoy the rich gastronomic offer of the two-terrace restaurant. One is located on the shore of the lake and the other offers fantastic views of Pale and Sarajevo.

Overall, the tourist season on Ravna Planina has been extended to 365 days a year, and the management of the sports and recreation center announces new projects that will further enrich the offer and confirm the label of an unavoidable tourist destination.

Rich herbarium material

Ravna Planina and belt of Jahorina has always been rich in various plant and animal species, and some plant species have been discovered and classified right here.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Karl Franz Josef Maly, an Austrian botanist, explored Ravna Planina and collected extremely rich herbarium material, described numerous endemics and relics and stored it in the Herbarium of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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