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Velika Kapa is at 2.004 meters above sea level: The top that provides the most beautiful view of Prenj

The Prenj Mountain occupies a central position in the total mass of Dinarides, to which this mountain belongs. It is distinguished by a true high-mountain environment – slender rocky peaks, deep valleys, authentic mountain vegetation, screes, long snow retention …

Precisely because of the unrepeatable plastic and dramatic spatial environment, Prenj is unofficially listed as one of the most beautiful mountains in the region. Indeed, you do not know which of its peaks is more beautiful!

Are those Zelena Glava (2,155 meters) and Otiš (2,097 meters), who as a brother and sister watch each other for millennia?

Is it a charismatic Lupoglav (2,102 meters), where every year in February mountain climbers from the region gather to honor the friends alpinists, who died in 1970 at the top!

Is it Osobac, a special peak, which is slim and massive at the same time, and acts as a northern guard of the whole area of ​​Prenje!

Prenj has many more peaks, such as Sivadije, Plavac, Taraš, Motika, Botini, Vjetrena Brda, Erać, Kerać, Veliki Prenj …, but one of them is really special!

It is Velika Kapa (Great Cap) (2,004 meters) – a separated top hanging over the Valley Konjička Bijela. Velika Kapa is a special top because it provides the most beautiful view of the rest of Prenj.

Immediately before, across the valley Bijele, are Borašnica, Zupci and Osobac. To the right of Osobac is the Sivadija, and to the right of Sivadija, gliding over the vast karst area, you will reach Otiš and Zelena Glava – the highest of the highest peaks of Prenj. On the right there is the valley Tisovica, and the leafy breasts of Erać and Lupoglav above it.

Other mountains can be seen from Velika Kapa. Čvrsnica, first, then Velež, Bjelašnica, Bitovinje, Vranica, Visočica, all the way to Maglić.

Just below Velika Kapa, in its lobby, is the hut Rapti. You can reach this place by a poor macadam road from Konjic, fifteen kilometers away. From Rapti to the top of Velika Kapa, takes two hours of light walk, thorugh marked hiking route.

All that you will experience while climbing, while looking at unrepeatable scenes from the top of Velika Kapa, sometimes it cannot be put in one sentence, not even in one thought … It’s something that remains locked in you and keeps you for the rest of your life.

Zehrudin Isaković

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