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Fantastic gems of nature: The most beautiful mountains in B&H

Treskavica Bjelašnica Cincar Čvrsnica Jahorina Maglić Prenj Volujak Vran Vranica Zelengora The beauty of mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina simply leave everyone breathless. It's really hard to say which one of the BH mountain is the most beautiful, because each one is unique and authentic in its own way, and it represents the fantastic gem of nature. Mountain beauties with their high peaks make four-fifths of the…

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a paradise of eternal adventurers

Bosnia and Herzegovina, with its wild and untouched nature, is a lure for adventurers, those who want to feel the adrenaline, but also enjoy the areas that leave no one indifferent. All this results in a great popularization of mountaineering in our country. Armin Gazić, 27-year-old from Zenica, is a typical representative of this sport. Successful…

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Jablanica: Clean rivers, beautiful lakes and untouched mountains

Jablanica municipality has very good natural conditions for development of tourism. Jablaničko and Grabovičko lakes, Prenj and Čvrsnica mountains, rivers Neretva, Doljanka and Šanica especially stand out. Rivers Doljanka and Šanica are very interesting for sport fishing and camping in nature, while Prenj and Čvrsnica re placed 2,000 meters above the sea level and as…

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