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Herzegovina Wine Route: Wine – Time Travel

The Wine Road of Herzegovina is a tourist product consisting of the richness and beauty of pure nature – the specificities of the wine-growing area, traditions, cultural and historical sights. It extends from Ljubuski in the west to Trebinje in the east.

Associated entities of Herzegovina Wine Route offer autochthonous products, especially autochthonous wines Žilavka and Blatina, rakija of their own production, as well as other traditional specialties.

They offer a sightseeing tour of the beautiful ambience of nature and their estates. It is composed of wineries, restaurants, museums, galleries, historical and natural attractions, travel agencies. The slogan of Herzegovina Wine Route is “With wine through time”.


The Herzegovina Wine Route was founded and officially opened in April 2007. After a year and a half of the work on the project, the elements of the offer of this tourist product are defined, and they consist of natural and social attractions of Herzegovina that can be combined with wine and, of course, wine cellars.

The backbone of this product are 22 wine cellars, which are located in six Herzegovinian municipalities (Čitluk, Ljubuški, Mostar, Čapljina, Stolac, and Trebinje). All of them use state-of-the-art technologies in wine production, and they have great experience and love for this business. Among them, there is a positive competitive spirit, which, from year to year, results in the increasing quality of Žilavka, and Blatina produced in this region.

Most of the cafes have upgraded their offer, adding to the basements a special tasting hall, that is, taverns. Each of these basements is special and unique.

By visiting these cellars, tasting Žilavka and Blatina with Herzegovinian ham and cheese, and by listening to the baskets that reveal the secrets of their wine production, you will get a complete experience of the Herzegovinian way of life.

This year’s wine evaluation has once again confirmed that domestic wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina are highly valued and capable of going to the more demanding global markets in every respect.


The Wine Road of Herzegovina is a project that, in the most beautiful way, rounded up the tourist offer of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tourists from around the world come in groups, almost on a daily basis, to the basements for wine tasting. By introducing autochthonous wines of the Mostar vineyards, they actually present the life of a Herzegovinian man, history, habits…

What is impressive for visitors is the fact that in the hot Herzegovinian karst vine grows and wines that are drunk on all continents and receive the highest recognition in the world of winemaking are being produced.

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