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Amel Duranović designed the application “Kviz BiH”

Master of Communication Amel Duranović designed the application “Kviz BIH” (Quiz B&H), the first project of its kind in our country. Its goal is to awaken interests of children and youth in B&H, and especially diaspora for constant learning about the motherland, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project offers young people, as well as other age groups in B&H and diaspora, the possibility of quality fulfillment of free time, as well as acquiring knowledge on various topics related to Bosnia and Herzegovina (geography, history, culture, sports, art, film, persons, state organization, economy, tourism …).

– Part of my master’s thesis dealt with the theme of socialization, so during the research, I came across large number of applications and youth was crazy about those. Unfortunately, mostly they were crazy about those, which are of no benefit whatsoever. Then I came up with an idea to make an application that would be useful to them because it would have educational content, which would enable them to learn something. On the other hand, I did a little research and saw that we do not even have a quality quiz of competitions in B&H, so I decided to take these pioneering steps in the field, of course through the application – says Duranović.

In the first phase of the project, users of the application will have 1,000 questions regarding Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will be divided into ten levels, and each user must answer exactly 15 questions, if he/she wants to switch to the next one. Questions are taken from professional literature of relevant authors.

– We used different sources that talk about B&H, different books of relevant authors – Duranović points out.

The app will be free in its basic version, but it also includes Google ads.

– If someone wants these ads not to appear, he/she has the ability to buy an application. For now, this is the only difference between paid and unpaid version – he explains.

– I hope that the possibilities will allow the realization of additional phases of the project, which would include, among others, the translation of the quiz into English. For now, it’s only in Bosnian – Duranović emphasizes.

Durin the first two weeks, the application has had more than 10,000 downloads.

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