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Ljubinje: 72 million euros for the solar power plant

Construction of an 80 MW solar power plant worth EUR 72,000,000 will soon begin in Ljubinje, which will ensure additional 400,000 BAM annually in the budget of this municipality, said the head of Ljubinje Municipality, Darko Krunic. He says that the project has been completed and all necessary documentation has been collected, and that the Government…

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Exports from Bosnia and Herzegovina exceed one billion BAM in one month

Exports from Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time exceeded 1 billion BAM in one month. This record and an important turning point for the domestic economy happened last month, that is, in September this year, BiznisInfo writes. Export in September amounted 1,013,715,000 BAM. For comparison, in September last year, exports amounted 828 million. This has continued…

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Swedish Kavat opened a factory in Novi Travnik

Swedish company for production of footwear Kavat, which will operate in Novi Travnik, will employ more than 150 workers. Novi Travnik Mayor Refik Lendo said they are proud because they were partners from the very beginning of this project. He emphasized that Kavat received a construction permit in 12 days and that the company had completed…

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With just a few clicks to homemade and healthy products

Brothers Nermin and Nedžad Nadarević have launched a specialized web site, which in one place gathers domestic food producers and enables BH citizens to find safe and healthy products for themselves in one place. The idea for such a web site is, says Nermin, rose of very practical reasons. Nermin Nadarević - We are from Cazin,…

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Sarajevski kiseljak in Iraq

After successful cooperation and the beginning of exports to Saudi Arabia, the mineral water Sarajevski kiseljak is now in the new Middle East market - Iraq. Export to the new market was agreed in cooperation with a distributor for the Iraqi market, Emart Al-Khaleej co. The label on the bottles of Sarajevski kiseljak is adapted to…

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Number of tourists in Bosnia and Herzegovina increased by 34.8 percent

In Maech 2017, there were 75 521 visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is more by 34.8 percent compared to February 2017, and 7.5 percent compared to March 2016. There were 156 256 overnight stays, which is more for 28.3 percent compared to February 2017, and 9.3 percent more than in March 2016. The percentage of…

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