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OPINION: Can the economy and ethics go together

Namik Colakovic For many years now, many theoreticians in the world have warned of the need for a full correlation of moral and legal norms with the intention of reaching the highest social interests through the ethics of business. The present economic relations in the world, colored by the globalization concept, indicate that equilibrium between moral…

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Turkey – Destination No. 1 for Export of BH Food

BH export of food and live animals in 2017 recorded a modest growth of 4.3 percent, driven by higher exports of fruits and vegetables, dairy products and fish, while imports had a higher growth rate of 4.7 percent driven by increased imports of live animals, meat and meat products, and fruits and vegetables. BH export of…

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Italians will open 300 jobs in Donji Vakuf

The Italian company for production of footwear "Olip" will open a plant in Donji Vakuf until summer, which should open about 300 jobs. This was confirmed by the head of this municipality Huso Sušić for BiznisInfo. This is just one of the investments that come to this city whose economy is finally reviving. Apart from Olip,…

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PASS will employ additional 120 workers

When German company PASS, the world's leading manufacturer in automotive industry, bought S.E.P. Company from Ljeskovac near Bijeljina, at the beginning of the year, the development of this small company started at a fast paced speed. Production and number of employees are doubled, new plants have been built, and additional 120 workers will be employed in…

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Economy Fair in Skenderija, 14-16 December

Skenderija Center is a symbol of the city of Sarajevo and since its establishment in 1969, it provides the services of organizing national and international fairs. With its activities, it contributes to the development of business and modernization of existing economic capacities in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By organizing the fair and designed promotional…

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B&H has a surplus with Slovenia for the first time

Bosnia and Herzegovina recorded a positive trade balance with Slovenia for the first time this year, which means that we are exporting more than we import from the country, for the first time. This is very important because Slovenia is one of B&H's most important trading partners, that is, one of the countries with which we…

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