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With just a few clicks to homemade and healthy products

Brothers Nermin and Nedžad Nadarević have launched a specialized web site, which in one place gathers domestic food producers and enables BH citizens to find safe and healthy products for themselves in one place. The idea for such a web site is, says Nermin, rose of very practical reasons.

Nermin Nadarević

– We are from Cazin, but we have been living in Sarajevo for many years. When I got a daughter, I wanted her to eat homemade and healthy products. My parents from Cazin used to send me, by bus, eggs, cheese, milk … but the bus would come at noon, so I had to get out of work, pay drivers transportation, waste time. I told my brother that we are eating an egg that costs five BAM – Nermin recalls.

On the doorstep

Another reason for the launch of the web site is his visit to a village near Sarajevo, where the producer offered him goat milk at an extremely low price because he did not know how to sell it.

– I asked whether he offered the milk through the Internet and social networks, because this is the easiest way. He just stared at me. So the idea came to us to launch a portal to help, first of all, small producers to sell their products, but also to make it easier for citizens to buy healthy, homemade and checked foods – says Nermin.

He points out that the problem of small producers is that they do not have adequate channels for product promotion. A small number of them uses modern technologies and social networks that today are the most important channel for advertising for most businesses and companies.

– There are many farmers who have great products and who are waiting on the doorstep for a neighbor to come and buy. How will a neighbor buy it when he makes the same thing – emphasizes Nadarević.

According to him, now citizens, with just a few clicks, can look at what the producers offer, product photos, the origin, name and surname of the manufacturers, and immediately order the product.

– Someone from Tuzla, from their house, can order two kilograms of figs from Trebinje and in the shortest time, he will receive the figs that he will pay to the delivery person. It is important to emphasize that the buyer will pay only ordered products, not delivery – says Nermin.

Food Quality

Asked about how citizens can be sure that they are buying good products, Nermin says that it is guaranteed by the agency “Food Consulting” with which the contract has been signed and which will, at the request of the producers, analyze the correctness of the food.

– In mid-September, we launched a new page that will be even simpler and will make it easier for citizens to find a particular product. It is a sort of “room” where milk, meat, beekeeping products, fruits and vegetables, juices will be separated … There is also an interactive map with all information about producers, photographs and video presentations – says Nermin.

According to him, at the moment there are more than a hundred manufacturers in the base and more and more are coming every day.

– They are from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Drina to Una and from Sava to the sea. Every day, new producers are arriving to offer their products on the market. The portal is visited by people from all over the world, we receive praise, but also offers for export. The desire is to enable us to export, and this is our next goal – emphasizes Nadarević.

The business partners of portal from BUDI ZDRAV KO DREN from Drvar are preparing for the Reward Crowdfunding Platform within the KATANA project financed from EU funds. The platform will be open in October this year, where their idea that has entered the top 100 ideas in the EU will directly supported! Any business idea that has entered among the top 100 within the KATANA project should select a business partner and will be their partner.

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