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How Amina and Vedad started their own business: They got sick from waiting for the job and counting rejection letters

Young computer engineers Amina Konaković and Vedad Čaušević have started their ECOMP Company, thanks in particular to youthful courage and the risk of opening their company at any cost.

– Our company started working on April 1, this year. We started a self-employed business half a year after graduation, and companies that deal with this business which did not want to offer at least an internship to us, made us make this step – Vedad says.

They made a decision to open their company in 15 days. They say if someone had asked them before what will they do they would say they were waiting for the job, and they made the decision on the day they received another rejection letter.

– After graduation, I went from company to company and asked to start at least a traineeship, but I failed. Instead of work, I had to register at the employment office, and they would certainly not find a job for me. Some minor jobs I did on my own, I would make some logo or something like that – explains Vedad.

Amina Konaković is the director of the ECOMP and she has walked the same path as her colleague Vedad and together they decided to start their business.

– We started the firm and a month or two we had a hard time. We did not earn anything, but the kind of power and strength we have, like all young people, who do not want to sit at home doing nothing, have maintained us. There were also many sleepless nights because we had to get money for the equipment, but we settled down. It’s only important to have the idea and goal you want to achieve – Amina says.

Vedad does not complain, he says he was expecting a lot worse in the beginning of the firm’s work, and the fear, fortunately, was not realized.

– I expected that there would be no work at the beginning, probably because we were listening to the experiences of some others, so the two of us calmed down at first and decided we will not give up even i fit i slike that in the beginning. It’s a lot of work, the time is limitted, but we find time even for vacation – said Vedad.

It’s a bigger responsibility when you run your own company, says Amina, but it also has its advantages. When you work, you work day and night if you need to. When you do not a loto f work you can relax.

– You do not have to come to work in the dawn; you can sleep a little longer. Nobody determines what you need to do. Sometimes we did not have a single penny, and then we arrange some business and make good money. It’s good for me, because you are doing the job you love and trying to earn, but you do it without pressure. You don’t have a fake smile, you dismiss the job if you think it’s not good. So nobody can belittle your work – adds Amina.

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