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Masterpiece of nature: Sand pyramids near Foča

Sand pyramids are a unique and rare natural phenomenon in the world, and those in Colorado, Đavolja Varoš in Serbia and Dolomites in Italy are already well-known attractions. Bosnia and Herzegovina also has its sandy pyramids, but they do not bring together a large number of visitors and tourists. Only a few lovers of nature, a…

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OPINION: About the people and natural beauties of B&H

Namik Colakovic In one of the journals that was published less than a hundred years ago, or more precisely in 1928, called "Jugoslavenski turizam“ (Yugoslav Tourism), which was printed in Split, and it was the official newsletter of the "Yugoslav Turing Club" Belgrade, "The Association of Bathing places, Spas and Mineral Springs in the Kingdom of…

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B&H has a surplus with Slovenia for the first time

Bosnia and Herzegovina recorded a positive trade balance with Slovenia for the first time this year, which means that we are exporting more than we import from the country, for the first time. This is very important because Slovenia is one of B&H's most important trading partners, that is, one of the countries with which we…

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Exports from Bosnia and Herzegovina exceed one billion BAM in one month

Exports from Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time exceeded 1 billion BAM in one month. This record and an important turning point for the domestic economy happened last month, that is, in September this year, BiznisInfo writes. Export in September amounted 1,013,715,000 BAM. For comparison, in September last year, exports amounted 828 million. This has continued…

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Ammara Mistrić: I am pumping positive energy with natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ammara Mistrić Young pop-rock singer Ammara Mistrić works hard this summer as well, preparing new songs, making videos and organizing performances with her band. In spite of numerous obligations in the music career, Ammara devoted herself to education, and with many successes, she mastered college obligations. Beautiful Sarajevan is studying Communications and passing exams without any problems,…

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Number of tourists in Bosnia and Herzegovina increased by 34.8 percent

In Maech 2017, there were 75 521 visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is more by 34.8 percent compared to February 2017, and 7.5 percent compared to March 2016. There were 156 256 overnight stays, which is more for 28.3 percent compared to February 2017, and 9.3 percent more than in March 2016. The percentage of…

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History of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the first centuries AD, the area of ​​today's Bosnia and Herzegovina was part of the Roman Empire. It was mostly inhabited by the Illyrians. After the fall of the empire, Byzantine Empire, and the Western heirs of Rome claimed Bosnia. The Slavs settled here in the 7th century, finding in these areas parts of…

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Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Heart of Europe

Bosnia and Herzegovina (abbreviation BiH) is the state in the southeastern part of Europe, located in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. From the north, west, and southwest it borders with Croatia and from the east with Serbia, while in the southeast borders with Montenegro. Capital and the biggest city of the country is Sarajevo. It…

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