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Masterpiece of nature: Sand pyramids near Foča

Sand pyramids are a unique and rare natural phenomenon in the world, and those in Colorado, Đavolja Varoš in Serbia and Dolomites in Italy are already well-known attractions.

Bosnia and Herzegovina also has its sandy pyramids, but they do not bring together a large number of visitors and tourists. Only a few lovers of nature, a hiker or, from time to time, a tourist arrives at Pirin Do, not far from Foča, and admire this natural phenomenon and beauty.

The sandy pyramids look like they were sculpted by the wind. They were formed by erosion of the soil, or the clay sinking down the stones and thus building pyramids. Weather disturbances, rain, snow, and sun shaped them.

The process of erosion lasts even today, so they do not disappear, they grow, they reach a height of up to 20 meters. The remarkable sandpit rises from its broad foundations and narrows to the top, thus making it an extraordinary geomorphological rarity in these areas.

Sand pyramids are first mentioned in the Austro-Hungarian period, especially since the road to Kalinovik should then be made. Austro-Hungarians, when seeing the sandy pyramids, moved the section of that road to another place.

They are older than two hundred years old. Almost 60 years ago, the film industry of the former Yugoslavia filmed a movie about partisan commander Ramiz Leši.

This natural phenomenon would certainly be the main tourist attraction all over the world, in BiH, they are just one more place that people almost forgotten. In the past, many travel writers described exactly these pyramids in their works, admiring to this natural phenomenon, which in similar form exist only in Serbia and Colorado.

All travel writers who passed through here say they are similar, but also more beautiful than the Pyramids of Colorado. However, due to poor road traffic, this road no longer leads to Kalinovik, and many tourists do not decide to visit this site.

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