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Mountain Bjelašnica: New ski lifts enriched offer for skiers


Olympic mountain Bjelašnica is one of the largest and most beautiful in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the winter of 1984, Alpine skiing competitions were held on this mountain during the winter Olympic Games and the paths that were then used are in function even today.

The public company ZOI ’84 has not had significant investments on this mountain so far in order to improve the offer, and this year a vertical transport to the top of Bjelašnica and accumulations for artificial snow was made, which will further improve the offer for skiers and other visitors.

We did our patrol after the shooting of the cover for the magazine VISIT B&H and we are quite satisfied with what we have seen. The winter season started in mid-December, so the roads were very well cleaned down to Babin do, and given that it was a working day that resulted in a poor visit, we found the parking lot very quickly.

If you are not lucky to find a free car park near a road or some catering facility, you can park at a large parking lot that will cost you five BAM for the whole day.

Given that the height of the snow was above 50 centimeters, 37 cannons for artificial snow did not work, and the ski runs were in great condition that many skiers used, as well as kids who were sledding or learned how to ski. Ski lifts were resting, except for one that was more than enough to meet the needs of the present skiers.

Considering the fact that in the previous years the presence of Arab tourists in Bosnia and Herzegovina increased, primarily in Sarajevo, during our patrol we came across several young Arabs who tried to sled, but they also showed that they are not quite acquainted with snow.

If you are not a fan of skiing and you come to the mountain because of clean air and walking, then Bjelašnica is ideal for you because this mountain offers many opportunities, and from inhabitants of numerous villagers in Bjelašnica, who have sales stands in the center of Babin do, you can buy handmade hats, scarves, or gloves.

Accommodation capacities are mostly privately owned, and wherever you look, you will see that new apartments are under construction. The only object of the ZOI ’84 is Hotel Maršal, which is in a very bad condition. However, according to the announcements from this company, it should also be in function soon, primarily for students and then other guests.

Ski-pass prices

Daily ticket (adults) – 40 BAM

Two-day ticket – 75 BAM

Three-day ticket – 115 BAM

Night skiing – 30 BAM

Seven-day ticket – 235 BAM

Season ticket – 740 BAM

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