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Hundred kilometers of path for recreational athletes and hikers

Recreationists, cyclists, and hikers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as all lovers of natural beauty of the mountainous highlands, now have multi-purpose recreational path, long more than a hundred kilometers, stretching from Banja Luka’s settlement Trapisti, passing through five municipalities and ends near Teslić, in Bijelo Bučje.

Marked and finished trails were officially open in April, and first visitors were delighted by this attractive offer and localities through which they passed.

– Trails are marked according to international standards and adapted to all ages, recreational enjoyment of nature and its exploration. Along hundred of kilometers of the track there are numerous springs, viewpoints, with a focus that extends through the tops of mountain ranges to enable better experience of nature and the surrounding villages – said Jovana Kutić from the Foundation “Luka”.

She pointed out that the fact everyone can choose the section they want to visit it is an advantage, and each section is close to the main roads and railway network.

– Distance between the road and the train in some areas is a few hundred meters, and the nearest airport is 40 kilometers away. The trail offers the possibility of camping, buying local products, handicrafts, and enjoying local traditional food – said Kutić.

The trail was designed by Mountaineering Association of the Republic of Srpska, several mountaineering associations from Čelinac, Banja Luka, and Teslić, as well as the Tourist Organization of Banja Luka. The plan is that mountaineering associations provide certified guides too.

Those who are more familiar with this area, will get a GPS device and recording of the track, so they can see desired locations, from mountaineering associations.

The trail stretches from the Trapisti, via Slatina, Crni Vrh, Mlonska Rijeka, Šnjegotina, Liplja and Hajdučke vode, and ends in the village of Bijelo Bučje in Teslić.

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