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Chicago Vein Institute Sarajevo: The most modern polyclinic in the Balkans for the treatment of vein disease

Polyclinic “Chicago Vein Institute Sarajevo” is the first private health institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and the most modern methods of treatment of vein disease.

In this clinic, experts perform the latest and most effective treatments for painful varicose veins, and other disorders related to veins. With well-trained staff and a new facility that represents the last word of the technique, doctors and staff of this clinic are able to help everyone who has problems with veins.

The owner and director of this clinic is Ajla Šunje, daughter of Mensur Šunje, Mostarian, who improved his knowledge in the field of phlebology for over 15 years in the United States. He is considered a world expert and a pioneer in the research and application of the most modern methods of laser treatment of veins. The method was approved in America in early 2002 and is considered revolutionary in medicine.

A war took Ajla and her parents from Mostar to Kuwait, after which they moved to Chicago where they opened a private clinic for treatment of vein disease. Ajla says that they missed Bosnia and Herzegovina and they knew that in some way they would in some way give their country something that everyone would benefit from.

State of the art technology

-I returned from Chicago in 2014 with intention of opening the first clinic for the treatment of vein diseases. We have seen that there is a “hole” in medicine, because the treatment of veins in Bosnia and Herzegovina was, I must say, outdated. In the Balkans, sclerotherapy is done very often, that’s filling the vein with foam, which is short-term, but also dangerous because the foam is something that is firmly stuck somewhere. Foam can go to the lungs or deep vein system and then we have a problem that can cause complications – emphasizes Šunje.

On the other hand, she has introduced the most advanced methods for treating these diseases in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the technology they use in Chicago. When she left America, she did a thorough research and saw that there is no clinic in Bosnia and Herzegovina dealing with these problems. Ajla says that people usually think that venous disease is a casual thing.

– They think that this is not a big problem, and they do not know that people with varicose veins have 40 percent chance of getting a thrombosis. Nobody talks about it. In America, I have finished my studies and here I run a clinic. When I arrived, I immediately hired two doctors, nurses, people who would lead the administration. Our medical staff was further trained in our clinic in Chicago so that we could provide our patients with complete care. Through our clinic, we are trying to expand education to medical workers. We are a small team, but we understand and function perfectly. Patients are very satisfied with our services, but also, with what greets them here – she says.

In addition, apart from the state of the art technology, Šunje says that psychological moment is extremely important.

-Nobody wears white coats in our clinic, because it causes discomfort and sometimes fear in the patient. We do not want that, but we want patients to feel at home and we all take part in the treatment of the patient. We try to be different in the environment. There is a distinction between a patient and a doctor, which is certainly not good, and patients notice it, she says.

All this results in the fact that this clinic receives patients mostly by recommendation, which tells a lot about their work.

– Our first patients were from America. These are people who love to travel, and they found us on the Internet. We got a question from a man who said his wife might have a problem with veins. He sent us photos to make sure. When we confirmed, they came for treatment. They had a lot of confidence in us, although in America there are countless such clinics. Now we have patients from Israel, Sweden, Germany, the region … Of course there is our diaspora, and it’s all a confirmation that we are doing the right job. We also offer free consultations, and everyone has been telling us to charge it. There are a lot of people who do not know they are sick. They come to us and say they have some symptoms, and we tell them what the problem is. We do not want to charge this because it’s not right. In this way, we also expand awareness of this disease. This is better for us, because patients will not come to us in the advanced stage of the disease when the treatment is more difficult, but in a reasonable time when it is easier for us to help – says Šunje.


Polyclinic “Chicago Vein Institute Sarajevo” in October marked four years of successful work. As a polyclinic that performs complete patient diagnosis, wound healing, consultation and all procedures, we can freely say that Bosnia and Herzegovina is now high on the world rankings when it comes to treating vein disease.

-We recommend the most complete and the best way to treat venous disease. When all three things are applied, it can be said that the patient is cured. Our treatment of vein disease is such that after two hours the patient goes home. He is on his feet right away and can perform daily tasks. Moreover, it is necessary to move, not lie – she stressed.

When it comes to plans for the future, Ajla says she wants to expand wound healing.

– Moreover, our plan is to focus on hemorrhoid treatment. People may not know, but hemorrhoids are actually veins. This is a big problem, because if someone has chronic hemorrhoids, this can lead to cancer. Just like with veins, people who have hemorrhoids are scared a little bit because they think that it needs to be operated and that it will hurt. There are many ways to do this without surgery for a minimum of five to six minutes, and the patient goes home and feels relieved. This is our plan and, of course, in the treatment of this disease, we will use the latest technologies and the most skilled personnel – says Ajla.

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