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ALUKÖNIGSTAHL – Technological leader in the market of B&H

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is recognizable on the BH market for aluminum-glazed facades that adorn most of the buildings built over the past 14 years, for as long as they do business in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The most recognizable architectural buildings in B&H are made using Schüco or Jansen façade systems, among those are Sarajevo City Center, Bosmal City Center, BBI Center, Avaz Twist Tower, Importanne Center, Alta Shopping Center, Hotel Europa Sarajevo, Hotels Marriot in Sarajevo, Grawe Insurance.

– In all its markets, ALUKÖNIGSTAHL cooperates with most experienced local and regional architectural bureaus and companies that are engaged in the production and installation of facade structures. With many of the existing partners, cooperation has existed for many years and is based on absolute mutual trust. The result of this joint work is high quality production, which is achieved through cooperation between ALUKÖNIGSTAHL, as a system solutions provider and metal constructions manufacturer – says Senad Mašić, company director.

According to him, they are proud because they have been offering the best and highest quality brands on the facade market for more than 50 years, such as the Schüco brand in the aluminum and PVC segment, the Jansen brand in the segment of the lacquered façade systems and the Warema brand in the sun protection segment.

– This cooperation and the development of innovative products have enabled ALUKÖNIGSTAHL to become a technological leader in the market. Famous brands guarantee a high quality assortment, which is constantly improving and adapting to both trends in architecture and construction regulations. Our metalworking partners, with their engineers and technicians, are ready to adopt new technologies and methods, and are able to transfer Schüco and Jansen system values ​​and quality to final customers – says Mašić.

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL offers its partners a comprehensive package of professional services at all stages of the realization of the construction project. A decisive advantage for the project participant is in the long-standing “know-how” that ALUKÖNIGSTAHL offers its partners.

– The focus of this year’s activities will be on exporting and expanding our engagement in new international markets. In this direction, we plan to strengthen the network of our contacts in diaspora. We will work on further strengthening our leadership position in the BH market, in the premium segment of facade coatings, providing comprehensive support and promotion of the quality of products and professional services. As a result, ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is recognized as reliable partner to our customers, designers and investors – emphasizes Mašić.

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