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Rich Tourist Offer in Herzegovina: Adrenalin attraction zipp-line soon on Fortica

Mostar should get a new adrenaline attraction. This exceptional project will enrich the overall tourist offer in Herzegovina. It is the longest and most attractive zipp line connecting the two elevations, Fortica and Stolac above Mostar. The view from Fortica to the city and Herzegovina is unbelievable, and the very idea of ​​descending 570 meters down the cable is the interest of many adventurous fans.

The main “culprit”, Mountain Biking Association from Mostar, with the support of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism of 13,000 BAM and the company Scorpio from Zenica that worked on it, managed to bring this project to the end. Soon, the test phase should start, which has been disabled for months due to weather conditions.

MN European Standards

-Bad weather, followed by a strong wind, prevented us from working. We expect to continue testing the cable in order to be ready to put it into operation until the beginning of the new tourist season – said Đani Rahimić, President of Mountain Biking Association Mostar and the initiator of the idea.

He stressed that all security measures must be fulfilled before puttingit  into operation, to complete administrative work, and to regulate the environment and approach the starting station of the zip line to be accessible to the wider masses. Modern mountaineering equipment will be used for unforgettable adventure.

– The ride will be made in such way that the alpine belt, with which a person is binded, hooks on a collet, which runs the cable – added Rahimić.

It is intended for one person only, although the cable can receive a much larger load because it is designed according to European standards.

Rahimić reveals interesting information, which is why it’s also interesting to visit this location. The aforementioned two elevations, where two points connect, were old bunker sites from the Second World War and the Austro-Hungarian fortifications, and there was a cableway with which Italian soldiers transported weapons and food into bunkers.

Excellent location and beautiful ambience is what will surely complement the experience of adventure lovers, but also all visitors who already describe this place as a real little masterpiece of adrenaline content.

– The motive for building is our desire to offer something new. For all those who like extreme activities, adrenaline addicts, this will surely be a real challenge, but also a pleasure – says Rahimić.

MN Numerous Contents

Adventurous attraction zipp-line is part of the project of adventure-recreational park Fortica. In addition to the existing facilities, mountain biking and rock climbing paths, a mountain home, such an attraction will complete a new tourist product.

– Bicycle rental is also available to visitors. In addition, in cooperation with the Tourist Board of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, which have supported all of our projects so far, we are preparing a continuation. Our goal is to set up tourist signs in this area and to organize an educational and recreational path where people will be able to see various sights, get information about them and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains – emphasizes Rahimić.

Their goal is to introduce people into rural tourism with great potential, and it is quite close to the city. Their desire is to present to the wider public, the potentials that Bosnia and Herzegovina has in mountain biking and to make their contribution to the development of new destinations in tourism in our country.

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