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Waterfalls of the River Kozica, a place where the most beautiful road starts and ends

Due to richness of its natural beauty, Fojnica should be written in larger letters on all tourist maps and a more frequent destination of nature, recreation, hiking, hunting, fishing lovers … In this Central Bosnia town, there is something new, something interesting in every corner, because Fojnica is a small town where one can inhale with full lungs.

Many described Fojnica and its surrounding, and BH writer and traveler Alija Isaković fascinated by the beauty of Fojnica wrote that from this city “One cannot simply pass by Fojnica, or go any further, one can only stay there …”.

Although it is more famous for its spa resort and the Franciscan Monastery built in the 14th century, which preserves more than 50,000 books, among which 10,000 are old for centuries, Fojnica also covers numerous natural beauties such as Prokoško Lake and River Kozica’s Waterfalls.

Due to its inaccessibility, Waterfalls are a poorly known locality and very little known destination, and there is plenty to see and experience. This natural jewel is located 10 kilometers from Fojnica. Paved road extends to the intersection for the villages Dragačići and Vladavici, from where the macadam road begins. Given the almost daily rainfall that has fallen in the past few months, the road has been damaged but it passable.

The first encounter with these waterfalls is enchanting. In the shade of centuries-old forests, a series of steep cliffs of rocks collapse into crystal clear waters of three smaller and two larger waterfalls, about 20 meters high. The peace that can be found here only disturbs the noise of the water that rises along the rocky cliff and the rare adventurers enchanted by the beauty of this ambiance.

This is an ideal place where you will experience nature in its full form, but also rest from everyday obligations and city noise. Next to the waterfalls, on the smaller plateau, there is a corner for visitors to relax – a refrigerator, a basin with spring water and a fireplace. Waterfalls are seen from the viewing point on the arranged path. All those who want to go to the bottom of the waterfalls should be very careful about possible slipping on steep terrain.

Although, this place deserves admiration, visitors, as well as residents of surrounding villages have objections. First of all, this refers to a bad macadam road, as well as setting up a road sign from Fojnica to the waterfalls, because there are almost no signs anywhere. Then, there is the arrangement of space around the waterfalls, the construction of paths and stairs to the foot of the waterfalls, because only some people decide to go down. Also, it is necessary to set up garbage bins, and provide some more marketing of the waterfalls.

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