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Vjekoslav Kramer, chef without prejudices: Food is an aphrodisiac that always works

Many will find it hard to believe, but he has been interested in cooking since he was four, and the first dish he prepared was groats soups with poached eggs. Today he “blames” sister Ivan who, while their mother was on the road, could no longer eat daddy’s French toast, so someone had to do the job.

– I remember, they put a chair on which I stood beside the stove and added everything I asked. The soup was finished in 15 minutes, and from that time, I knew what I would do in my life – Vjekoslav Kramer begins the story, a charming and always smiling chef, a well-known face from small screens to Bosnians and Herzegovinians.

For him, every craft is an art; it does not matter, he says, whether you are a painter, sculptor, ceramist, chef, dancer or waiter.

Food is love

-Every job is a means of accomplishing one part of our internal being. For me, this is cooking. Cooking as a craft and generally culinary skills as an art, are the most practical interest in the world. Every day we eat at least three meals. Three times a day, you have the opportunity to enjoy preparing meals, meditate while cooking, concentrate on something that is routine, relax, enjoy, and end up eating. If you started cooking at age 18, and now you have 35, you have been cooking for 17 years and that is 6,205 days times three meals. In the end, it is 18,615 opportunities for fun and relaxation. This is cookery for me. To have skills and a love for preparing food. At the age of six, I was already making pie with grandmother Vojka, and with his grandmother Nada I used to prepare ice cream, noodles, I knew how to make bread. By the age of 12, I normally cooked absolutely everything that was on my mind, including making pie pastry. Therefore, I have been cooking for 30 years now, imagine how many hours of meditation that is – says Vjeko.

He revealed to us that he spends a lot of time learning, and that it is crucial for every human being to work on himself in every way.

-You know a phrase from the movie “Do you remember Dolly Bell’ – ‘Every day in every way, I’m progressing more and more.’ I am interested in all food; I think that knowledge of food in all its contexts is crucial for every chef. Food is not just something we eat. Some calories are fuel that help us going on. We are not cars. We need to know what we eat, why we eat something, when we eat, what will we get from what we eat? Food is a part of our tradition, history, and customs. Recipes are transferred in families, nowadays less than before, but in my opinion, the way of surrender is still more important than any other thing – he says.

Sexual life

He agrees with the saying that “love goes through the stomach” because the search for foods that enhance sexual life lasts from ancient times. Although it has not been scientifically proven that there is food that could positively affect sexual power, this, says Vjeko, does not in any way mean that these are only ancient myths.

– Take an example of the coffee and it will be clear to us. How it works for us in the morning, it makes us feel awaken and enhances our concentration. Imagine then the power of the food that someone prepares for you with the desire to seduce you. This energy that is put into food is aphrodisiac and it always works. Of course, some foods are more receptive to certain energy, I am sure, but the energy of love can make an aphrodisiac from every food. Therefore, I would recommend to every young man and woman to transfer the desire they have, through energy, in their food, and before dinner, they should see together the movie ‘Como agua para chocolate’. Success is guaranteed, says Vjeko with a smile.

He has no prejudice in terms of food, but he remembers everything, both good and bad tastes.

– I have tried everything that can come to mind. I did not eat cats, but I did eat dogs, I not turtles, but snakes and crocodiles, I did not want to try date mussles, but I ate whales in Iceland. Grasshoppers are more delicious than crickets, and sea cucumbers and hedgehogs are an exotic thing I enjoy when traveling. Frogs, snails, bamboos, rabbit and horse are the food that is very close to me – says this chef.

He visited many countries, met various cultures, tasted specialties of various national cuisines, cooked for many celebrities …

-I was really everywhere, walking the jungles and deserts, being on the mountains and in the plains, riding horses in Mongolia and elephants in Thailand, camels in Sahara, but as the best food, I would always single out Georgia, whose cuisine is just as exotic and interesting as the Spanish, simply beautiful, and their wines, this is a special world. This year I decided it was time to travel the southern hemisphere. I’m planning a trip to Indonesia, and in the spring Kenya, Zanzibar, in the summer Spain, Portugal and Algeria, by car, of course … But, before that, I have  to work, but it’s really worth it because, from each trip, you return richer, and no one can take away memories from you – says Kramer.

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