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The best ski resorts in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Beauty of mountains in BiH are breathtaking. The visitor cannot say that one is more beautiful than the other is or that they are more beautiful in the summer or in winter. Each is unique, authentic and represents a fantastic gem of BH nature. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a predominantly mountainous country, and this was recognized by the International Olympic Committee, which decided that BH capital would host the 14th Winter Olympic Games in 1984 host.

The natural beauty of Bjelašnica, Igman, Jahorina and Trebević were discovered to the world at that time. The whole world admired alpine skiing from Bjelašnica and Jahorina, bobsled and sledging on Trebević, ice hockey and artistic skating in Zetra and Skenderija, Nordic skiing, biathlon and jumping on Igman.

Local and foreign tourists visit BH Mountains during the winter period and enjoy the winter sports. If you like snow and winter activities like skiing, sledding, snowboarding or alpinism, be sure to visit some of the BH beauties. We bring you an overview of the most popular and best ski resorts in BiH.

Jahorina is located in the mountain chain in the Dinarides south of Sarajevo. Olympic Center Jahorina has 25 kilometers of ski slopes. In 1984, a women’s downhill competition was held in Jahorina. In this Olympic center, there are cross-country trails, as well as other sports facilities. You can also find a large number of hotels, apartments, bars and clubs.

Kupres has at its disposal a 13-kilometer long ski and snowboard trail. There is a wide choice of hotels and other accommodation possibilities. Nightlife in Kupres is very rich, so people of all ages can find what they like for years.

Bjelašnica has more than 15 kilometers of long ski and snowboard trails. In the very place, there is a wide choice of restaurants, clubs, wellness & spa centers, as well as other activities related to winter joys.

Risovac is located in the nature park Blidinje. In addition to the rich gastronomic offer and accommodation options, here you can visit medieval necropolis, hike around the plateau or visit the Blidinje Lake.

Raduša is becoming an increasingly popular ski destination for vacation and skiing. It is located near Bugojno and Gornji Vakuf. The resort boasts a motel and restaurant at an altitude of 1,720 meters above sea level, giving spectacular view.

Vlašić is a mountain located in the very center of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Due to its excellent accommodation capacities, skiing possibilities, snowboarding and other winter sports, Vlašić is the most popular destination in the winter days in BiH. In addition to skiing, Vlašić is also known for the production of cheese, dogs, and sheep.

Ostrelj is only 12 kilometers away from Bosanski Petrovac. The Roman Emperor Claudius built the road through Ostrelj 48 years before the new era and you can still visit the remains of that road. Ostrelj Ski Resort and its winter center offer different ski runs, among which there are several slopes for cross-country skiing, carriage rides and hiking.

Kozara is a national park that was declared protected in 1967. Mountaineering Association ‘Ljubijski Rudar’ offers ski equipment rental, skiing lessons, accommodation and catering services.

On Javor Mountain there is a small ski center Igrišta. Ski center is located on the main road from Zvornik towards Sarajevo, between Vlasenica and Han Pijesak. It was built during the Olympic Games in Sarajevo as an additional facility.

Ski center Rostovo is located 12 kilometers from Bugojno. Ethno village Babići is a popular destination on this ski resort, offering all activities related to skiing, night skiing, ski bars. In addition, they also offer an interesting choice of accommodation – you can choose between hotels and authentic mountain holiday houses in the ethno village.

The Brusnica Recreational Center is located in the eastern part of the mountain Vranica, in the municipality of Fojnica. The center has five kilometers of trails in different categories; from recreational to competitive, and besides, it can boasts with a rich selection of accommodation, ski bars and hiking opportunities.

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