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Skakavac: Spectacular view from 98 meters high waterfall

Skakavac waterfall is located 12 kilometres from Sarajevo, in southwest part of Ozren Mountain, southeast of the Bukovik peak, 1.532 metres above the sea level.

A nature lover who visited this place last month faced stunning scene. Skakavac is a natural attraction and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Water flow rate is low, but it’s still beautiful, especially at winter time. Waterfall and cascades are frozen and ice forms scenes impossible to describe. It has a vertical drop of 98 meters and scenic lands surround it. Surrounding sides are especially beautiful during spring and summer, when a nature wakes up and everything is green. Skakavac has been protected as natural state monument since 1954. It is an exceptional and one of the most attractive tourism motives located just few kilometres from Sarajevo. It features a unique natural scenery.

Ozren is located northeast of Sarajevo. The mountain is rich with beautiful landscapes and forests. There are significant natural attractions, unique microclimate, various animals, plants, and particularly mushrooms on this mountain. The vegetation around Skakavac waterfall is abundant of endemic plants. Spruce and fir forests are the most common. On the hillside it’s usually fir.

There are thermophilic forests as well, underbrushes of hornbeam, autumn moor grass and black ash. Visitors who are fit can take half-day long walk to Skakavac. To go there by bike is also an option. The road ends one kilometre from the waterfall so it’s possible to get there by car.

There is a picnic spot not far from Skakavac waterfall and a lot of trails through the forest and viewpoints. Skakavac waterfall is located in the Municipality Centre and local government recognised how this tourist location is important.

Government makes all efforts to preserve and safeguard this natural gem and get it closer to residents and all tourists. There is a tombstone necropolis in this region, as well as picnic spots Čavljak and Barice, a waterfall on Lučica under Gradina, Čardak plateau, Nahorevo spring known as Sedam vrela (Seven Springs) and a lot of natural beauties.

Skakavac waterfall is a challenge for many adrenaline junkies. Pilots launch paragliders of the plateau. Goran Todić from Sarajevo jumped of the Skakavac in 2011. Next year Damir Juroš and Igor Palijaš jumped as well. Every year more and more people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world come here for a vacation.

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