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Semir Osmanagić: Bosnian pyramids are a worldwide attraction

We barely started our conversation with Semir Osmanagić. Tourists, mostly foreigners, were constantly approaching us with the desire to greet, photograph, or simply be acquainted with the archaeologist and founder of the Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation.

– It is like this every day. They come, approach, thank, congratulate, photograph with me. It is a great honor for me, but also an obligation to talk to all of them. They all come to Visoko to see and observe Bosnian pyramids, the greatest archaeological finding in the world – says Sam, as foreign visitors popularly call him.

The story of the Bosnian pyramids began in April 2005. Osmanagić came to Visoko to visit the local museum, and then he spotted a hill above the city that has four triangular sides with identical slopes.


-I took a compass and it showed the perfect orientation with the world’s sides. Based on earlier experience with the pyramids in China and Guatemala, I knew that these were artificial buildings, not natural hills – says Sam as we enter a museum where exhibits found during archaeological excavations are shown.

At first, his discovery came to much controversy, but popular Sam did not give up. He organized the Foundation, hired many world experts and archaeologists, and brought a large number of volunteers from all over the world.

-After eight years of valuable work, 2013, we proved that we are right and that all attacks were unfounded. Today we have five pyramidal structures – the Pyramids of the Sun, the Moon, the Dragon, the Earth and the Love. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is more than 220 meters high. Its eastern and northern sides go to the bottom of the valley and it is possible that it reaches 360 meters. The Pyramid of the Moon is 190 meters high and is significantly higher than the Cheops pyramid in Egypt, which is 147 meters high, Sam explains.

Shortly thereafter, he announced another spectacular discovery, prehistoric underground tunnels and rooms below the pyramids.

– It is a network of tens of kilometers in all directions with numerous crossroads, chambers, and underground lakes. In the prehistoric underground labyrinth of Ravne we found megalith blocks of several tons, and analyzes have shown that it is a ceramic block – he talks as we enter the tunnel.

In the tunnel, we meet tourists who walk with guides through the corridors. Volunteers and employees of the Foundation are digging tunnels, and again Sam stops and talks, takes photos with each one of them. He says that the most frequent visitors are from the Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria and other European countries, then students, adventurers, volunteers from Japan, Australia, America, Brazil, Peru …

In addition to the archaeological aspect, the entire complex of the pyramids has received a new dimension, which is the healing radiation that, as Sam claims, has a very positive effect on health. This has attracted a new type of tourists who now find a solution for their health problems. We came across an older couple from Bulgaria sitting in the corner of the tunnel, then several visitors from Germany and the Netherlands. Everyone says that they have certain health issues and that they have come before, and that they feel better.

– In the past year, we have received numerous testimonies of the beneficial effect of staying in these tunnels when it comes to the human health. We also carried out the first medical pilot study that showed immediate immunity boost in 20 subjects who had tested urine and blood before and after visiting the tunnels, Osmanagić says, and emphasizes that the temperature in the tunnels is 11 degrees in the summer and winter.


He points out that the measurements of physicists and electrical engineers show electromagnetic radiation of two frequencies – 28 kHz and 7.83 Hz around the blocks. The first frequency produces ultrasound of the same frequency that is ideal for levitation, and the second frequency is the best for physical, mental, and spiritual development.

-This is characterized by complete absence of cosmic and radioactive radiation, but also the presence of high concentrations of negative ions that kill viruses and bacteria. It is interesting that there is no need for artificial supply of clean air, like in mines, and that we do not feel shortness of breath at any moment. The mining engineers who come here cannot believe that something like this exists – Sam says proudly, and says that in tunnels they have discovered lake full of fantastic clean and healing water.

Between 40,000 and 50,000 tourists visit Archaeological Park: The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun annually, which, according to him, is a decent figure, since before the discovery of the pyramids in Visoko, there were almost no tourists.

-Tourists come from all countries of the world, more precisely from 130 countries from all continents. This is a great project from which all of Bosnia and Herzegovina could live, it is only necessary that we have the support of the state. In addition, it is necessary to build a tourist infrastructure, that is, hotels and restaurants. Recently, we had 130 tourists from India and we did not have the place to accommodate them in Visoko, so we had to drive them to Sarajevo – Osmanagić said.


In order to make the offer as rich as possible and give tourists a complete atmosphere, Osmanagić bought additional land where he founded the Archeological Tourist Park Ravne 2. On 40,000 square meters, the deserted wetland with wild landfills turned into a beautiful natural environment, forest with parks.

-Here, everyone comes to find peace. Except for the birds, there is no other sound. My wife and I are the owners of this land, we have created a park and we gave it to the Foundation for management in the next hundred years. There are no bottles, grills, noise, only peace and quiet and complete harmony with nature – says Sam.

Ambassador of UNESCO Marko Pogačnik from Slovenia donated a megalithic circle with engraved “cosmograms”, messages in stone that send love to the world, the development of global awareness, and communication with the Planet.

The director of WM Magazine from Prague, Jiri Matejka, donated energy spirals, and the professor of agronomy Vehid Ibraković from Slavonski Brod donated a spiral botanical garden with healing herbs. In the park, there are stone circles around the trees as a kind of “necklace” and a sign of harmony with nature. The wooden plateau for yoga, meditation, dance, and relaxation has become a favorite place for many visitors.

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