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Riding Center “Lazy horse”: Place for enjoying and socializing with noble animals

In Aleksići neighborhood, 25 kilometers south of Sarajevo, at the foot of Ormanj Mountain, with a beautiful view of peaks of the Olympic beauty of Bjelašnica, the Riding Center “Lazy Horse” is located. A warm, friendly atmosphere is felt when entering this natural oasis where horses, dogs and cats live in complete harmony and love.

A friendly staff of this center will welcome you with open hearts and make sure you feel at home, because, as they say, that was their main guide when they started work in 2016.

Numerous activities

A Riding Centre “Lazy Horse” extends over seven acres, and has two stables and two riding tracks, large hollows for horses. It is an ideal place for a family where you can come and enjoy many activities, of which horse riding is the first one – tells Adi Hanić, a riding coach who was educated in Germany for this job.

In addition to riding here you can enjoy walking through marked forest paths and sunk in complete peace and quiet, and for adrenaline fans there is also off road buggy adventure.

– We currently have 12 horses, two of them are Lipizzaners, two Haflingers and two Arabers, three Arab horses, two Koniks and one Pony. We are all interested in sports and recreational riding, we organize campsites for children, as well as other various events … – says Hanić.

On the upper floor there are accommodation facilities used for children during children’s riding camps, organized during school holidays, and schools in nature in cooperation with schools and preschool institutions.

– During these camps, children spend time with horses, take care of them, ride, have theoretical lessons … So, camps ensure that children spend 24 hours with horses in some way – says Hanić and adds that children are in fact the biggest lovers of these noble animals.

Also, Lazy Horse Riding Center is the first institution of this type in our area, which practices the Equine Assisted Learning Method. Facilitator of this method Rasim Jusufović, doctor of medicinal sciences, is certified in Canada and how the name of the method itself shows, he uses horses as incredible teachers in mastering life skills. The advantage of this method is that students do not need to have experience in working with horses.

He emphasizes that in this horse-breeding center there are also horse-breeding ponds that guarantee top care.

Therapeutic fact

Lazy Horse is open throughout the year and there is no break during winter. A largest number of visits are on weekends when people use their free days and enjoy riding that has a proven therapeutic effect.

Currently, this Horse Center has three people who take care of horses and do instructor work. And how much is needed to master the basic riding skills, Hanić says it depends from person to person.

– As in every business, everything is up to talent. Nevertheless, the most important is the continuous work that will bring results in about six months. It is enough for a person to become independent, a good rider – emphasizes Hanić.

As part of the plans for the next period, Hanić says that they are planning to build a covered horse riding hall that would greatly help them and facilitate their work, as they will be protected against all weather conditions.


Within the Riding Center “Lazy Horse”, the Sarajevo Horse Club, which deals with the development of athletes and participation in competitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina is also operating.

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