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Olympic Mountains Preparing for the Winter Season: Jahorina becomes a regional leader, Bjelašnica remains a ski mountain

October’s sunny weather was perfect for numerous works, including the “make-up” of Sarajevo’s Olympic Mountains preparing for the upcoming ski season. Jahorina has become a center of events, both because of numerous infrastructure projects that have been completed or are in the progress, and because of the new, largest summer attraction in the region, the bob on the rails, which was a real refreshment during the summer season in which record results were achieved.

Three ski slopes have been built, arranged according to FIS standards, five kilometers long, protected by wind systems and covered by an artificial snow system.

Elite Tourism

On the other Olympic mountain, Bjelašnica, the situation is quite different. There is a lack of accommodation facilities as well as other facilities that would attract new tourists. CEO of the ZOI ’84 Kenan Magoda is also aware of that, and he believes the two mountains should not be compared.

– Jahorina is a tourist mountain and Bjelašnica is a ski resort. Jahorina is heading for elite tourism. Their ticket price will be 55 and our price is 35 BAM. Our goal is to give ski trails to all those interested in skiing – he says.

What does the ZOI ’84 do to enhance the offer on Bjelasnica?

Kenan Magoda

– All lifts are overhauled, six-seater protection is set up at the exit station. Lighting is also installed on the Kolijevka and BX trails to allow smooth night skiing. We are also working on widening the technical route because the path was narrow and challenging. The goal is to make it easier to descend and also to repair snow fences – Magoda points out.

Still, all this is nothing compared to Jahorina. Magoda is aware, but says:

– Give us 63 million BAM, which was invested in Jahorina in two years, so you will see what we will do. We have, for example, invested only one million BAM this year. At Bjelašnica we do not have the accommodation facilities that exist on Jahorina. In contrast, we only have two hotels, so compare these parameters – Magoda points out.

Ticket prices

As of October 21, the special offer price of tickets of the company ZOI ’84 is bweing implemented and will last until November 30 this year. A “Full Access” ticket is available, which includes the right to use night skiing and the use of lifts in the winter season, as well as the use of cable cars for panoramic sightseeing and mountain biking in the summer. Ticket price for children is 300, and for adults 550 BAM.

A season ticket allowing the use of lifts in the new winter season Monday to Sunday will cost 200 BAM for children and 450 BAM for adults, and a season ticket allowing the use of lifts from Monday to Friday will cost 150 BAM for children and 400 BAM for adults.

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