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Mostar: Hotel Marriott will soon open its door

Mostar attracts many tourists every year, from within the country and the world due to its tourist attractions, primarily the Old Bridge. The current accommodation facilities are under pressure and it is necessary to build new hotels, hostels and boarding houses in order to receive an increasing number of tourists. The construction of the Marriott Mostar Hotel, the famous world chain of the hotels on the site of the former symbol of the city, the Hotel Ruža, entered the final phase and the opening is expected anxiously.

Construction manager of hotel Esved Dugalić said that the works in April will be completed and the facility will be brought to technical reception.

-We are ready in these conditions to complete the job relatively easy and fast. Interior decoration, furnishing are in progress, next week external arrangement will be done. Bringing to an end architectural details and cleaning is what is coming, after which it will be ready for technical reception – Dugalić said, adding that there is still a lot of work left in the big project.

There are about 70 workers at the construction site, having in minds that, according to Dugalić’s words, this number will increase to 300. This information is from the constructional angle, but Dugalić cannot be precise when it comes to when the door of the Hotel will be officially opened for guests, because this procedure is not in his hands.

The initial appearance of the project has been updated with innovative details, in accordance with the requirements of the designer and hotel chain Marriott. This will be a five star hotel. It will have 182 rooms and suites, seven different restaurants, three different bars, meeting rooms, a concert hall, a swimming pool at the top of the hotel, a spa center, an underground garage … all the way to the Old Bridge.

Citizens of Mostar, as well as all of BiH, will have the opportunity to organize wedding ceremonies there, because even before the war, “Ruža” was recognizable by such organizations. Some couples, according to information, prolong the dates of the wedding, because precisely in this place they would like to say their fateful “yes”.

By quality of materials and equipment, content, capacity, services provided, it will be one of the most luxurious hotels in the Balkans. The former favorite spot of Mostarians, will again gather all generations under the Herzegovinian sky.

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