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Mostar: Construction of Residential Complex Cesar’s Residence Started

Company Cesar’s Ltd. began the construction of the exclusive residential complex Cesar’s Residence, located on the banks of the Neretva River, in H. Zahirovića Lace Street, in Mostar. The project is in the first phase of construction, and the works should be completed by the end of February 2019. The residential building will contain 20 apartments of different structures, and within the facility, there will be an indoor swimming pool and a fitness room. The residential complex Cesar’s Residence comprises two levels of basement, ground floor, two floors, and loft.

This location brings number of advantages. It is located in the center of the city, and will ensure the enjoyment of complete peace to its future tenants, the natural beauties of Neretva, and the escape from stress and daily crowds. In addition to this, not far from the complex are numerous service and shopping facilities, banks, public transport, as well as the symbol of the city on the Neretva River, the Old Town with the fascinating Old Bridge.

There is also sufficient number of parking places for future residents, so the first level of the basement is a garage with 12 parking places, while on the second level there are 11 additional places. In addition to garage, the basement level -1 and the ground floor will have two apartments with a beautiful view of the Neretva.

The first and second floors will have seven apartments; two penthouses will be located in the attic. The building will also have a courtyard in the direction of Neretva, which is conceived as a common area for rest, sunbathing, playground for children and decorated green areas, and future tenants have the option of installing a smart home system. The total gross area of ​​the building is 4,921 square meters, and Entasis did the project, while the contractors are Amitea, Gramer and Cesar’s Residence.

After several decades of construction of apartments, which offered owners only the possibility of housing, the company Cesar’s Ltd. accesses to a new concept of construction that provides a new quality of life. They define this with the saying: “One doesn’t simply live here; but lives a high quality life.” Only the highest quality materials were selected for construction of facility in order to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency. The façade is made with a combination of a compact thermophase and all the necessary layers of installation of a ventilated façade with thermal insulation of stone wool.

The prices of apartments is between 2,500 and 3,000 BAM per square meter. As they emphasized from the company, there are a large number of interested buyers, so some of the apartments are already reserved. If you would like more information about buying an apartment, contact the authorized Agent Plus, and visit

Cesar’s Residence deals with the retail and wholesale of water, sanitary equipment, ceramics, construction materials and waterproofing, and the most important companies with which they cooperate are Onduline, Serel and Ege Seramik.

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