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Hotel Monti, ideal for a holiday at any occasion

Olympic Mountain Igman is one of the most visited mountains in the vicinity of Sarajevo. Due to the large amount of ozone, Igman is an air spa and visitors, except in the winter when they come to enjoy the snow and winter sports, often find refreshment from the city crowds and heat on this mountain.

From the end of 2020, Igman offers visitors a special place to rest, with top service for the best vacation at any time of the year. This is the Hotel Monti, which provides its guests with numerous facilities, both inside the hotel and outside. The harmonious and secluded ambience of Hotel Monti blends in perfectly with the mountain environment.

Domestic products

-Hotel Monti, in addition to accommodation facilities, also provides the services of the Insieme Restaurant with 200 seats that will meet all the requirements of our guests. In the restaurant you can discover a fusion of traditional and world flavors with a new local approach. Let the game of styles, tastes, fun, and enjoyment follow you from morning to noon until night – the management of the Hotel says for Visit BiH Magazine.

They emphasize that the Insieme Restaurant has international cuisine, but they also have local, traditional cuisine.

-Most of them are mountain dishes that could be characterized as traditional cuisine. The diversity of our menu is a guarantee of the satisfaction of every hotel guest, whether they are domestic or foreign tourists – they point out.

We also asked if and to what extent they use home-made products in the preparation of meals.

-Our chefs use domestic products as much as possible, the only exception is if we do not have some foods on our market and they are imported. In such cases, we are forced to use non-domestic products in the preparation of meals. We try to use all domestic products in every segment, as well as domestic suppliers – they say at the Monti Hotel.

In addition to the restaurant, Hotel Monti offers its guests many other facilities.

-Hotel Monti contains a wellness and spa center which is a real oasis for guests where they can relax their body and soul. If guests still need physical activity, they can spend time in our fitness center, which is equipped to the highest standards and meets the needs of top athletes – the management emphasizes.

If you decide to spend your vacation in this hotel, you have 65 comfortable rooms and suites that simply invite you to relax in the natural surroundings of the Olympic Mount Igman.

Active vacation

You are full of energy and want to actively relax, the kind hosts will organize additional activities for you.

-In addition to hotel services, we offer guests additional outdoor activities, but we work with our partners who are exclusively engaged in this part of the organization of tourist tours, excursions … And we are certainly available to guests to suggest and arrange for them everything in order to enjoy their vacation as much as possible – Monti Hotel personnel says.

Since Hotel Monti is open all year round, they always try to offer guests novelties, new packages and make the most of the fantastic location.

-With our partners, we have winter and summer activities on the mountain, and we are known as the absolute leader when it comes to organizing team building for companies. Conference tourism is one of the most represented branches of tourism not only in our country but in hotels in general. We record high attendance in this segment where companies have excellent working conditions. We are glad when these companies come back to us, which gives us incredible satisfaction and motivates us to continuously improve our services – they tell us.

The luxury hotel in the heart of Igman is truly a magnet for all visitors and depending on the time of the year and the season the structure of guests changes.

-Most of them are locals or guests from the region if it refers to individual guests. In addition, group tourism is for guests from the region mostly. If we talk about the summer season, there are mostly guests from the GCC region, so the structure of guests really depends on the period of the year or season – they say at the end.