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Gyrocopter Flight Over the BH Landscape: A sense of freedom and a magnificent view

In the desire for adrenaline, a phenomenal sense of freedom and excitement, many choose to do parachuting, paragliding, but also to fly small planes and other kinds of aircrafts. While there are several paragliding schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina, sport flying has died out after the war.

A group of enthusiasts and lovers of heavenly heights, two years ago, decided to start a sport and business aviation school (SBA), which offers flying courses in small planes, as well as in gyrocopters.

These aircrafts are intended for all those who like to rise to the heights, enjoy a magnificent view, and feel safe at the same time.

– The gyrocopter is in some way a hybrid of a plane and a helicopter, which moves with the help of a horizontal rotor. It can fly at very low speeds and even without horizontal movement under certain conditions. The gyroopter has much greater tolerance to weather conditions than any other aircraft; it is insensible to the wind. If the engine accidentally stops working, which is unlikely, you will not fall like a stone. The upper propeller is your rotating wing. If the engine goes out of function, the rotor continues to rotate so that you have more options to consider where and how to land – says Maglen Stipčević.

It is a special experience, he says, to go to the sea in a gyrocopter.

– When we train, we fly here at Nišići, at the airport in Visoko, or at the Sarajevo Airport. However, for our soul only, we occasionally go on longer trips. We recently traveled to Hungary and Slovenia. Last summer we had breakfast here in Nišići and then we went to Brač in 50 minutes. There are no borders, no crowds, no motorway, customs, or ferry. You only spend 80 liters of gasoline, you would spend that much in the car, and experience an incredibly nice time – says Stipčević.

All those who have always imagined heavenly heights and flying over the clouds can now turn dreams into reality. In addition to multi-month theoretical and practical hours of flight in planes and gyrocopters, for those who wish to obtain a professional pilot license this school also offers short informative flights, and one-day “Pilot for a Day” programs for those who just want to briefly experience all the magic of this occupation full adrenaline.

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