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The golden coin cake takes you back to Jajce’s past

The "Gingerbread Coin" souvenir is a product of the confectionery Granny Kate's from Jajce, owned by Josipa Kulenović. According to first impressions, this cake is an absolute hit among tourists and visitors. Everyone who has already tried this candy agrees that this is a new experience. Josipa said for Visit BiH Magazine that she loves…

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Museum of the II session of AVNOJ in Jajce

The public institution Museum of the Second Session of the Anti-Fascist Council of People's Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ) in Jajce has additionally restored the pre-war collection of drawings by Božidar Jakac and now it has more than 300 works. This was confirmed by Elvedin Imamović, director of the Museum, in an interview for Visit BiH…

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Businesses started with the help of Jajce Municipality: Young and successful

The project "Best business ideas for young people" has been implemented by the municipality of Jajce for the seventh year and is aimed at encouraging young people to start or develop their own business through co-financing. This way, as the Municipality says, they want to encourage young people not to leave their city and BiH. During…

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Jajce will be a center of the summer tourism

Museum under the open sky and a Royal City are synonyms that Jajce proudly and rightly carries.  The beauty of this Middle Bosnia town leaves no one indifferent. It is placed at the mouth of Pliva and Vrbas rivers and it is well known for its lakes, waterfall, water mills, national monuments... Jajce was the capital…

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More tourists in Jajce than in the record year of 2019

Numerous natural, cultural, and historical beauties of the royal city of Jajce, attractive contents and manifestations attract a large number of tourists every year. The year 2022, according to the indicators, exceeded by 17 percent the record year 2019, when around 120,000 tourists visited Jajce. Last year, about 100,000 visits were registered at the Pliva…

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Edin Hozan, Mayor of the Jajce Municipality: Numerous successful projects are behind us, this year I continue more intensely

The Municipality of Jajce implemented a number of projects last year with the goals of further development of this municipality. What marked last year is certainly the reconstruction of local roads, the opening of hundreds of jobs and the continuation of infrastructure construction. The head of the Jajce Municipality, Edin Hozan, emphasized that special attention was…

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