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Dubravka Vujnović Božić makes shoes for babies

A woman from Banja Luka, Dubravka Vujnović Božić, who creates and manufactures non-ambulatory shoes, for babies, made of natural materials,  who is by profession a psychologist, says that she is practicing psychology on a voluntary basis, and she earns some money doing the shoemaking job for which she has not a day of school.

Although it seems as if these were two incompatible professions, Dubravka Vujnović Božić says that there is a connection, and it is a love for babies.

– I have always loved those small creatures and somehow I am dedicated to them, even in this profession of psychologist, but this is a creative part, in which I create a concrete product, said a woman from Banja Luka.


“Isolina” shoes for babies, she makes of real leather, “which doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals”, and the advantage of shoes made this way, according to her, is they naturalness because they are soft and easy on their small feet.

– The design itself is modern, and these babies are so modern in those shoes – she said and added that she made boots as well, and the inner part of boots was woolen, so they were also functional. I started producing by chance.

– I tried to make shoes for a little buddy for fun, it turned out to be well, then I tried another, and another and somehow I myself was delighted how it looks and how small it is – said she.

It is an endless source of inspiration because I always have something new to add, change and it looks different every time.

– It started as a joke, it is more like a hobby, but we will see how it will continue – says Dubravka.

She told she has always had a “creative touch”, the need to create and make something, and she found herself in making shoes, and although she did not think she would make more than a few pairs, now she does.


– My husband and his colleague are making leather goods, definitely, I would not have succeeded without it, I had the opportunity to come here and to play. Everything was available, materials and tools, and in the end the two of them with their advice, because I have no experience of this sort. They gave me huge support and assistance, as an incubator in which I slowly develop – said Vujnović Božić for Anadolu.

Parents, she says, are delighted, especially mothers, and most of her products are sold in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

– I can boast that several pairs of shoes went to Europe, and I am glad because the quality is recognized – she emphasized.

When it comes to a production process, she said she does not know how long it lasts, sue to her numerous obligations she never makes one pair of shoes from first to last touch at once, but she uses as much time as she needs to make a product with which she will be satisfied.

In addition to shoes for “non walkers”, given that she has a two and a half year old daughter, who is often asking to make something for her, she is trying to make summer shoes for walking babies and this is her new challenge.

– It is difficult to plan any future here. I really believe that when we do something with the heart and from the heart, and we invest in it – that cannot remain unnoticed and unrewarded in some way. Therefore, I really hope that “Isolina” can become a brand that will grow and develop – she says.

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