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Canoe Safari Teambuilding, a tourist attraction in Trebižat

Rafting on the rivers Drina, Neretva, Tara, Una, Vrbas… is increasingly popular and an exceptional tourist attraction that brings domestic as well as foreign tourists. They enjoy the beautiful areas and river canyons through which rafting tours pass.

In addition to extremely attractive rafting, a different type of water attraction full of adrenaline, relaxation and escape from everyday life, and complete merging with nature is developing in Bosnia and Herzegovina in slow but steady steps.

We are talking about canoe safari in Čapljina and Herzegovina’s beauty – the Trebižat River – which are leaders of this offer. It is one of the most beautiful rivers of the Adriatic basin, which abounds in travertine waterfalls due to the richness in water, sun, and lush vegetation.

Safety first

If you want to enjoy every moment of canoe safari on Trebižat, it is certainly best to choose those who have the most experience in organizing such trips. Canoe Safari Teambuilding is a tourist attraction with many years of experience, which, with professional staff, guarantees service at the highest level. They take care of every detail, and their guests will take only the best memories with them.

This is an adrenaline-filled sport suitable for all ages, even children. However, at Canoe Safari Teambuilding they are always extremely careful and children without parents cannot get into the canoes.

– The safety of tourists comes first. We can boast that we are the only ones involved in the organization of this type of excursion, and that we insure students in case of an accident. That’s why everyone who wants to participate in the canoe safari submits a copy of their identity card or passport and we fill out the insurance. Everyone appreciates that, especially foreigners who are very satisfied at the end of the trip – the Canoe Safari Teambuilding organization told us.

They point out that they have organized the entire tour in a way that tourists spend the whole day in nature, enjoying the sun and beautiful Trebižat. And what does a trip like this look like?

– Everyone who decides to go on a canoe safari should make a reservation in advance and come to the JAZ swimming area in Čapljina. They leave their cars there, and we transport them to the starting point of the canoe safari at the Božijak site. Before going down the river, we show them how to steer the canoe, use the oar and how to behave in case of capsize – they emphasized.

The first half of the 12-kilometer-long tour is quieter and you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and marvelous Trebižat, take photos and swim.

– Anything our guests want, they can tell the skipper and he will fulfill their wishes. At the halfway point of the rowing route, we make a break where guests can refresh with lunch and relax with various games, such as badminton, beach ball, beach volleyball, darts… For lunch, we prepare traditional Herzegovinian specialties such as veal under peka[1], if the team counts more than 12 people or we prepare barbecue – they say.

Taking care of everything

Canoe Safari Teambuilding organization takes care of everything, so they have vegetarian and vegan meals, and they also take care of guests who don’t eat pork or are allergic to certain foods. All this needs to be emphasized before arrival, that is, when making a reservation.

– We offer seasonal fruits and vegetables from organic farming that we buy from domestic suppliers who prefer that type of agricultural production – they tell us.

When everyone has rested, the tour continues. It starts with six kilometers of adrenaline rowing that lasts about an hour and a half. Of course, this tour usually lasts longer because guests always ask to swim. This is not problem, whatsoever.

– It’s a full-day excursion from which the guests take only the most beautiful memories. The tour lasts between six and eight hours. This is a perfect combination of nature and exciting waterfalls that makes this excursion perfect for various gatherings such as teambuilding and tour – they say.

In order for their guests to be as satisfied as possible, the Canoe Safari Teambuilding organization cooperates with Čapljina hotels and villas, where they can provide you with accommodation, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Large metal or ceramic lid, in shape of a shallow bell with which various dishes are covered to be baked. Ashes and live coals are placed over the lid and the meal is baked evenly.